10 Under-$25 Jewelry Gifts To Keep You, Your Loves, & Your Wallet Happy This Valentine's Day

From left to right: SUGARFIX by BaubleBar, Dolls Kill,

Whether your plans consist of a candlelit dinner with your long-term bae, a Galentine's Day hangout with your besties, or a day-long celebration of yourself, Valentine's Day is the time to honor the love in your life. And while the options are truly endless in terms of Valentine's Day gifting, a thoughtful piece of jewelry is often the gift that beats out the rest. Now that the holiday has arrived, though, I can't help but be blinded by just how expensive so many holiday gifts are, particularly jewelry. While lavish jewelry undeniably makes for a fab present, there are actually so many Valentine's Day jewelry gifts under $25 that can communicate your love just as well as any costly diamond or gem.

If you have the funds and want to buy some high-end jewelry pieces for your love, go for it. But if you're hoping to have a more budget-friendly Valentine's Day, rest assured the thought behind and impact of a more affordable gift is just as meaningful. To show that special someone (or you!) how much you appreciate them, here are 10 jewelry pieces to gift this Valentine's Day that won't break the bank.

1. Let the candy heart do the talking

To me, it's not Valentine's Day without candy hearts. This beaded bracelet with a not-so-subtle message is the perfect bracelet for anyone in your life who has a sweet tooth.

2. Show them you love them berry much

These bejeweled strawberry earrings look good enough to eat, and I guarantee they'll look even better in your loved one's ears.

3. This locket will keep you close to your loved one's heart

After engagement rings, I think lockets rank second in terms of the most romantic jewelry. This $16 necklace is perfect to house a love note, a photo of your beloved, or even a teeny tiny lock of hair, if you're into that kind of thing.

4. These earrings are guaranteed to cause a make-out sesh

These flirty earrings are the definition of hot lips. Get the chapstick ready!

5. Spell it out for them

Sometimes, the best approach is the most direct approach. If you want to share your love for someone, why not gift them a ring that says how you really feel?

6. These earrings show just how lovestruck you are

These adorable earrings are the perfect present for any angel in your life. Even better, they're a chic, vintage statement piece for your looks every other day of the year.

7. For the person in your life who makes your heart skip a beat

This necklace offers a literal twist on the commercialization of hearts and is perfect for any Valentine's Day hater in your life.

8. Love is a party

What better way to celebrate love than with heart-shaped confetti. These pink hoops contain all the magic of Valentine's Day and are sure to keep the party going.

9. Wear your heart on your wrist

The heart-shaped detailing on this delicate gold band makes this bracelet a fitting V-Day gift for your other half.

10. These earrings are straight out of Cupid's arsenal

These earrings say, "My love for you is so powerful, it's basically a weapon," and I think that's beautiful.