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12 Amazing Valentine's Day Gifts Under $20, Because Love Don't Cost A Thing

When glam-pop poet, American choreography treasure, and supreme Leo from the block Jennifer Lynn Lopez proclaimed, "Even if you were broke, my love don't cost a thing," I really felt that. Valentine's Day is often seen as the holiday where you have to throw stacks to impress your partner. But I'm here to tell you: That's not necessarily the case! The Internet has loads to offer when it comes Valentine's Day 2019 gifts for men and women under $20. Whether it's your first or fourth Valentine's Day with your partner, you can def come up with something heartfelt. And no, your wallet doesn't have to weep.

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans spend an average of $88.98 on their SO on Valentine's Day. Still, dealing with limited funds this February doesn't have to stop you. A decadent wine-and-cheese (and-dessert!) night at home or an intimate stroll in the park can still be romantic. Likewise, you can always opt for a DIY Valentine's Day gift for your beloved. Curate a candy bouquet. Fill a thrifted picture frame with Polaroids attached to twine and flowers. Or set up a picnic basket of their favorite foods.

For the V-Day cynic — who sees Feb. 14 as just another day on the calendar — it's best to opt for practical Valentine's Day presents (that you know they'll use on the daily). For the partner that loves feeling warm and fuzzy, give them something whimsical and sweet to remember you by. Here are 12 fabulous V-Day presents you can buy when you're balling on a budget.

1. Give jam sessions a vintage touch

Smartphone Bluetooth Speaker



Urban Outfitters

This portable Bluetooth-enabled speaker stays connected up to 33 feet away.

This speaker is perfect for the partner that's always jamming old-school, hipster icons, like Arctic Monkeys and Lana del Rey (or actual vintage icons like Fleetwood Mac). Keep the bops coming!

2. Fizz up their self-care routine

Peach & Love



This set features the "Peachy" bomb, which is exactly what you'd expect, and the citrus-scented "Love Boat."

Us millennials take our peach emojis very seriously. What better saucy shape to send your SO a bath bomb in than a peach? This set also comes with an adorable little "love boat" that smells like citrus. Give your partner the gift of aesthetically pleasing, well-scented relaxation this Valentine's Day.

3. Help bae catch some air

Stay Fly Graphic Frisbee



Urban Outfitters

This frisbee keeps it fly — in more ways than one.

This is the kind of gift you could probably take with you on Feb. 14, depending on what your plans are. Imagine how cute it would be to watch your partner unwrap this fly frisbee and take them on a picnic date in the park.

4. Turn up with them in style

Fizz Creations Prosecco Straw Cup



Of course, a sparkly cup is perfect for some sparkling wine.

If your SO is the kind person who might like prosecco more than they like you, then this is the cup for them. Your partner will feel extra fabulous toasting your love with this glittery goblet that reads, "I'll be there in a prosecco."

5. Get them festival-ready

Fydelity Splash Pak



Urban Outfitters

Transparent, holographic, and waterproof, this fanny pack is both fashionable and functional.

With a killer Coachella 2019 lineup and Boston Calling looking not-too-shabby, festival season is shaping up to be lovely. This waterproof, iridescent, clear fanny pack is a dream for the partner who loves music festivals. It's hip (literally), it's on trend, and it makes getting down and dirty (without the fear of ruining your valuables) that much easier. This pack is perfect, too, for amusement park dates or day together at the beach.

6. List all the ways you love them

Knock Knock "What I Love About You" Fill-In Journal



If you're looking for a way to tell bae all the reasons you love them, this is it!

This little notebook is the epitome of sugary sweet. On each page, you get to fill in a prompt about what you love about your partner. Buy this gift if you want to watch your sentimental SO's heart burst!

7. Indulge their rowdy side

Absurd Box


Cards Against Humanity

This expansion pack features 300 "mind-bending" cards to add a psychedelic sizzle to your main Cards Against Humanity deck.

If your partner loves to play Cards Against Humanity, up their game with some CAH official expansion packs. For $20 a piece, you can get the regular expansion decks as well as the "Pride Pack," the "Period Pack," the "Theatre Pack," the "Weed Pack," and the "Jew Pack." Whatever your bae's background or tastes are, there's probably an expansion pack that will make them crack a smile.

8. Spruce up their beard routine...

Fizz Creations Beard Buddy



This kit has a shaving apron, comb, skin-conditioning menthol shaving cream, and other goodies to make shaving a cinch.

If the lumberjack look turns you on — or you need bae's beard primed for spring flowers — a beard kit is the way to go. Who says you can't be ultra-masculine and feel like a beautiful b*tch, too?

9. Remind them that you're the ultimate gift

Instax "It Me" Picture Frame



Urban Outfitters

The snowglobe glitter makes this picture frame extra whimsical and fun.

Half-snowglobe, half-picture frame, this photo holder from Instax is cute little keepsake for your partner's nightstand or desk.

10. Enchant their #FOTD

Wizarding Wand Makeup Brushes



Swish and flick!

If your partner is constantly making makeup magic, these Harry Potter-inspired wand brushes are just the trick.

11. Plan for a fabulous future

Bucket List for Couples: A Journal


Barnes & Noble

This journal is the perfect plans to outline all your couple goals.

A little bit sappy and a little bit practical, this journal strikes the right balance for Valentine's Day. Sitting down with your partner and concretely scheming on all of the Insta-worthy vacations, strange foods, and lit concerts you want to experience is romantic in its own right. Making a bucket list together touches on the fact that you're def in love and in it for the long haul.

12. Express your love.

125,00 Ways To Say I Love You: Mix and Match Love Notes



Not a creative type? No worries — let this book of love notes do all the talking for you. This Mad Libs-style book is designed to stand up, so you can keep your declaration of love on display.

Whether you go for functional, mischievous, thoughtful, or combination of the three, you can find a dope Valentine's Day gift for your partner without breaking the bank.