Everyone On Twitter Noticed The Same Thing About Prince Harry's Military Uniform

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Who doesn’t love a man in uniform? Obviously, there have been many times when Meghan Markle has made a splash with her bold style choices, but this time it was the Duke of Sussex who was causing a stir with his ensemble. When Prince Harry attended the annual Mountbatten Festival of Music on Saturday, March 16, he arrived sporting his elaborate Royal Marines uniform. And the countless tweets about Prince Harry's military uniform show just how hot and bothered his dapper outfit made many feel.

To provide some background on the formal attire: In December 2017, Harry was named the Captain General of the Royal Marines. That explains the impressive uniform, which he decided to don for the charitable event. The festival, which takes place at the Royal Albert Hall in London, showcased more than 200 musicians from the Marine bands, and raises money for the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines Charity. The musicians played a variety of songs over the course of the two-hour performance, including songs from the 2017 film The Greatest Showman, and a number of hits by the British pop band Take That.

But let’s get back to Harry’s look, which included a white dress shirt, black bowtie, elaborately decorated red coat, and black pants with corresponding red stripes down the sides. On March 16, the Kensington Palace Twitter account shared a photo of Harry with the caption "This evening The Duke of Sussex, Captain General @RoyalMarines is attending the annual Mountbatten Festival of Music, which showcases the @RMBandService and helps to raise funds for @TheRMcharity. #MFM2019." And understandably, many were swooning over his military regalia. Here are just a handful of the hilarious (and relatable) reactions to Harry’s look.

Harry + Hamilton = A Dream Come True
thetaoofoat on Twitter

"And when push comes to shove / I will send a fully armed battalion to remind you of my love! Da da da..."

The thirst is real.
theroyalfly on Twitter

Farewell, self-control.

"As Per Usual"
barbee_o on Twitter

Where is the lie?

The People's Prince
chumaguinob on Twitter

Honest to God, he should consider making this a daily uniform. It's doubtful that Meghan would complain.

Sussex or Success?
wandycole0531 on Twitter

Nailed it.

A Royal Marine And A Gentleman
karen_champniss on Twitter

Don't we all, though? #PrinceCharming

Dat jacket, doe.
heather26817536 on Twitter

Valid point.

The Captain General Effect
theelderleto on Twitter

To clarify — the uniform doesn't make Harry look good, Harry makes the uniform look good.

One word says it all.
wwunga on Twitter

LordT is right, and Hallelujah [insert praise hands emoji].

Like. A. Snack.
ivysweed_ on Twitter

...And Twitter is feeling hungry.

Prince Harry has a lot going on lately. He and Meghan Markle are reportedly due to leave Kensington Palace and move to the Frogmore Cottage at Windsor Castle in the next few weeks. Plus, the couple is expecting their first child in just about a month. Additionally, reports have been circulating that he and his brother, Prince Harry, are feuding and potentially experiencing a falling out. Meanwhile, his wife has been grappling with a ton of public backlash throughout her pregnancy. In other words, there's no shortage of action happening in the Duke's life, but TBH, the stir he caused in his military uniform demands just as much attention. It seems this ensemble is reserved for special occasions related to the Royal Marines, but regardless, here's hoping he adds this ensemble to his regular wardrobe rotation. A girl can dream, right?