10 Times Your Sister Is Your Biggest Fan That'll Forever Make You Happy Cry

When it comes to your sister, there's nothing you wouldn't do for her. She has been your best friend since day one, and you share a lot more than just genes and clothes. The feeling is mutual, too. She would do just about anything for you, and there are times your sister is your biggest fan that make you happy cry harder than any rom-com.

When I stop to think about all the great things my sis has done for me, it puts a giant smile on my face. Even though she was in college at the time, she drove hours to be in the front row at my high school dance competition. When I moved from New York to LA, she was there to send me off with a big hug and words of encouragement. She constantly has my back when I need some moral support for a big audition or interview. She's also always ready and waiting by the phone when I need her.

My sister has been my number one fan for years, and that means she's done these 10 things for me. If your sis is just the same, now's the perfect time to send her that "thank you" text she deserves.

She Likes Everything You Do On Social Media
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As cheesy as it may sound, it feels really great getting a lot of likes on a pic you were excited about posting. Even though some posts perform better than others, one thing's for sure: You know that no matter what, your sis will like everything you post on social media. She has you feeling beyond #blessed.

She Brags About You To Her Friends

To your sis, you can do no wrong. She will brag about you constantly to her friends. It's gotten to the point where they don't even have to ask you what's new in your life, because they've already gotten the 4-1-1 from your sis.

She Wants To Take Cute Selfies Together For The 'Gram
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Whenever you're chilling with your sis, you know that a selfie is mandatory. You'll pose for a few at the bar with your cocktails, or even in your onesies hanging on the couch with some popcorn. Then, she'll post it up on the 'Gram with the cutest caption.

She's Your Text Support For Literally Anything

At any moment of the day, you can text your sis for help and she will give it to you. Whenever I need a little energy boost, my sis will respond with the perfect Gif pick-me-up. Or perhaps, I need advice right before a date, and she knows exactly what to say.

She's Got Your Back, No Matter What
Rachel Chapman

It doesn't matter what it is, your sister has your back. If you're arguing with your friends, your sis is on your side, no questions asked. If you're being asked a ton of annoying questions about your dating life at your family reunion, your sis is there to rescue you.

She's Front Row For Every Major Milestone
Rachel Chapman

Whether it's your first dance recital or high school graduation, your sister is there to support you. She was there to give you useful driving tips at 16, and help you celebrate your 21st birthday. She will always be there for every major event, and you'll be there for hers, too.

She Adds A Little Friendly Competition To Push You To Be The Best Version Of Yourself
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There's always that little sibling rivalry between the two of you, but it's always friendly and welcomed competition. She pushes you to be the best, and you appreciate it. She's the reason you go for that job promotion and make big moves.

She Makes The Long-Distance Thing Work

It doesn't matter if you currently live in different states. If you need your sis, she will be there for you. I've lived in three different states, and my sister has traveled to all of them just to spend time with me. We make long-distance work like pros with FaceTime dates and constant texting.

She Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself At Times
Rachel Chapman

It's honestly a little freaky how well my sister knows me. She can guess exactly how I will react to anything, and is the perfect gift giver. A true fan knows every fact that can be known about you, and that is your sis.

She Supports You Through Any Fashion Fail
Rachel Chapman

My sister supported me through every major fashion faux-pas I thought was really cool growing up. Her love is unconditional. Your sis will forever think you're the coolest — even if you're rocking your very own teddy bear-printed Christmas vest.