8 Things That Definitely Happen When Mom's Your Number One Fan On Social Media

Let's be honest: Mom's the greatest. She's the ultimate combination of best friend forever, emergency contact, and your most supportive, loyal fan. I don't know what I'd do without my mom, and feel #blessed to live in a time where technology makes it so easy for me to stay connected to her. At any given moment, I can text her for advice, a funny joke, or just to vent. If your relationship with your mom is similar to mine, you're likely saying, "Same." You also know that when your mom's your number one fan on social media, you have even more to talk and laugh about.

You were probably the one who set your mom up with her very own Facebook and Instagram accounts, because she was begging to be included in the social media party. While some people might not want their parents keeping an eye on their social media game, you love every like and comment you get from yours.

Mom was there cheering you on at every dance recital and sports game, and now, she's there for even the small wins like every like, retweet, or comment you receive. To anyone whose parent isn't on social media, they may not fully understand, but you appreciate your mom for these eight ways she's your biggest social media fan.

She Likes Every. Single. One. Of Your Photos
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Some of your pictures might not get a ton of likes, and you don't even understand why. The only consistent thing you do know is that your mom will like everything you post. (So, at the very minimum, you can always count on at least one like!)

She's Always The First To Comment
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You likely see fans striving to be the first comment on a celebrity's post, but for you, you know that fan will always be your mom. She's the first to comment, even if the post doesn't necessarily call out for anyone to comment. You're grateful for every recommendation she sends.

She's Friends With Your Friends

Your mom likely already friend requested your good friends, because she also cares to see what they're up to. Your friends may have even requested her first. After all, your best friends feel more like family with Mom. Plus, when you need to catch your mom up on your squad's news, she's already in the know.

She Sends You Funny Memes All The Time
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When your mom knows what you find funny, she can turn into a true meme queen. She'll send you all the funny videos and memes that she thinks will make you laugh. I love getting cute cat videos from my mom, because they brighten up my day and show that she knows me too well.

She's Always Down To Take Selfies Together
Rachel Chapman

When you're hanging out with your mom, she always wants to take selfies together, because she likes to use them on her social media pages. It makes me feel like a celebrity. It's also cute to see that my mom's photo album on her phone consists of mostly just snaps of me and my sis, along with the occasional flower pic or video of her cat.

Her Profile Pic Is One Of You, Duh
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If you scroll through your mom's profile pic album, it's mostly pics of you. Sometimes, you have to share the limelight with your siblings, but it's very obvious that your mom cares a lot about you guys. It's like the equivalent of carrying school pics of you in her wallet. She's just proud, and she still likes to show you off to the world.

She Knows The Story Behind Every #TBT Pic You Post
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Every throwback Thursday pic you post has a funny story attached to it, and your mom is the gatekeeper of all those stories. You may not remember why you have cake all over your face at your fifth birthday party, but your mom was there to wipe it off. You can always count on her to add hilarious context to any #TBT pic you post.

Her Instagram Is Basically Like A Fan Account For You
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If your mom has an Instagram, it's basically like a fan club account dedicated to you. Almost every other pic is of you and your siblings. She might even post some cute AF pics you didn't even know existed, and that's when a re-post needs to happen.