10 Times You Wish Your Best Friend Was With You, Because The LDR Struggle Is Real

The one thing nobody warns you about adulting is that being in a long-distance relationship with your best friend can be a true struggle. In fact, it can be the struggle of all struggles when you and your bestie move miles away from each other. Heading off to college or living in two different cities for work, you learn to cope with the distance by having FaceTime dates and texting non-stop in your BFF chat, but there are times you wish your best friend was with you.

I haven't lived in the same state as my bestie in years, because at first it was college, and now, I live in California. Even though I don't get to see her everyday like we did in grade school, I still talk to her all the time through text and Instagram. When we do reunite, it's as if no time has passed at all, and we continue our conversation like someone just pressed the pause button.

We've managed to make it through the dreaded distance, but that doesn't mean I don't still send her "I miss you" texts all the time. It's actually these 10 moments when the LDR struggle is all too real, and I wish we invented teleportation already so she could be right here with me.

When It's Your Birthday And You Need Your BFF
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Forget the presents and cake — the one thing you really need to have by your side on your birthday is your BFF. Even though she's the first one to call you right at 12:00 a.m., you wish she was there to give you the biggest birthday hug ever. Now that would be a birthday wish come true!

When You Have A Rough Week And Need To Vent
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Sometimes, work can be exhausting. You need to let off some steam by venting to your BFF. She's always available to listen, but you just wish she was there with you to make you feel better with a hug and your fave venting snacks.

When You Need A Hype Person Right Before A Big Date
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Your best friend is the best wing woman you've ever had. She's also a great hype person to get you pumped for that big date you're really nervous about. You just wish she was there to help you pick out the perfect outfit and decide on which shade of lipstick to rock.

When Your Favorite Song Comes On The Radio
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You and your bestie have a few songs that are your songs together. When they come on the radio, you know to turn the volume all the way up and scream-sing. That's why whenever your song comes on, you just wish she was there to sing along with you.

When You're In Need Of A Girls' Night In

One of your favorite things to do with your BFF is to have a cozy girls' night in. You don't need to head to a fancy club and dance the night away in order to have a good time. All you really need are your fave snacks, a nostalgic rom-com, and the comfiest blankets to snuggle in. Girls' nights without her just aren't the same.

When A New Movie Comes Out That You'd Definitely See Together
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If you and your bestie love going to the movies together, you're the kind of friends who send each other trailers of films you're excited about. Since you can't see them together, you have to plan to see them the same day, so you're able to talk about it together ASAP.

When No One Else Laughs At Your Jokes
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You and your best friend share so much together, but sharing the same sense of humor is priceless. You could spend hours laughing at literally nothing, and you do. Whenever no one else gets your jokes, you wish your best friend was there to laugh with you.

When You Have A Lazy Day With Absolutely Nothing To Do
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Let's be honest: You likely love a chill day with absolutely nothing on your cal. That's when you can do whatever your heart desires, like watch a new movie on Netflix or catch up on your laundry. When you're having a slow day, you always stop to think about how much better your lazy Sunday would be if your BFF was spending it with you.

Anytime You Come Across A #TBT Pic Of The Two Of You

Throwback Thursdays are great for scrolling back through photo albums for a pic you may have missed posting on the 'Gram. Anytime you scroll through, you probably always stop at the old pics of the last time you were with your bestie, and you miss her even more. Anytime you're missing your bestie on a Thursday, that's the perfect excuse to post a cute #TBT with a bunch of heart emojis.

When You Eat Foods That Both Of You Really Love
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There are a lot of things that can remind you of your best friend, like their favorite color, movie, and restaurant. Though, you're literally always reminded of your bestie whenever you eat her favorite foods. That's when you need to send a delicious foodie pic to her, and let her know, "I wish you were here." Then, enjoy it for the both of you!