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10 TikTok Photo Hacks That'll Totally Elevate Your Selfie Game
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There's no such thing as posting too many selfies. It never gets old showing your followers a cute new 'fit, cool pose you discovered, or bold lip color and smokey eye you're all about. But, before you snap away, consider switching up your photography skills with these TikTok photo hacks that'll totally elevate your content game.

Each time you see new TikToks or pics, it seems like people are taking their creative abilities to new heights. Luckily, TikTok has all the answers once again. You can turn a selfie under an overcast sky into a dreamy cloudscape with a quick photoshop hack. Or, give your photos that chic off-duty model look with some great couch poses. You can get design inspo from these TikTok photo hacks to create artsy collages so you can really make your next IG Story stand out from the rest.

Whether you're looking for some cute new filters to make your photos pop or wondering how many influencers get their Insta posts to be so sharp, you'll need these TikTok photo taking hacks to turn yourself into an expert selfie photographer. Who knows, you may even get a few DMs from followers asking you to teach them your ways.

These Pose Tricks Call For A Full-On Photoshoot

Thinking of creative ways to pose at home is always a challenge, especially when you're taking selfies. To switch things up, put on your fave pair of denim and a cute tee, and check out these simple poses for the couch that'll give you casual but chic pics in no time.

This Hack Lets You Have Any Backdrop

This TikToker uses an app called Juxtaposer to transform an ordinary backdrop into a funky, abstract painting. This photo hack lets you choose from any backdrop you'd like, whether it's a vibrant sunset or a dreamy pattern. And the best part? You don't need to have any photoshop skills in order to use it.

This Filter Will Give Your Content Total Grunge Vibes

Make your next selfie video pop with this psychedelic photo feature on Instagram. The filter titled "Trip Grunge" will surround yourself in rainbow colors and move with you as you dance for a funky new vibe.

This Clone Effect Will Elevate Your Selfie Game

Why choose just one photo if you love all four snaps you took? By using the clone effect on TikTok, you can show your followers all your fave angles by taking multiple selfies as the camera counts down. (Tip: You can screenshot the final look to save a pic for the 'gram, too.)

This IG Story Idea Is So Cool, You'll Want To Recreate It

You'll be taking your selfies to the next level after watching this TikTok hack for your Instagram Story. Simply choose a couple selfies you love and want to showcase on your Instagram Story. Then, have fun drawing inspo from this hack. Create a new collage by adding background shapes to accentuate your pics and getting artsy with your fonts.

This Screen Recording Hack Shows How To Bring A Picture To Life

This screen recording hack teaches you how to make a unique IG story by recording how you edit your photo and then, uploading it to Instagram as a video. Do one with your pet (or pets) and make it even extra sweet.

This Photo Taking Tip Is Perfect For Recording Motion

Whether you're on a sidewalk with a moving traffic backdrop or you're mid-twirl in a dance routine, you can capture a cool action shot. To do this, instead of shooting still photos, capture your pose on live settings on your iPhone. The live photo hack will make your content appear as though it was taken on a DSLR, because it's just that impressive.

These Mirror Selfie Poses Create Triangles

What's more classic than a mirror selfie? To amp up your mirror game, use these photo posing ideas to look positively fancy. These poses use the idea that creating triangle shapes with your body makes a super flattering pose. Whatever you do, this TikToker advises not to slouch.

This Tutorial Shows A Layering Technique For Your Story

Create photo inception with this layering technique using the Instagram Story feature. You can now add a post on top of another photo by adding it to your Instagram Story. Then, click on the bottom right square to place another photo in the background for a fun twist on your content.

These Photo Apps Fix Background Noise And More

You have a really great selfie, but it's not the right size for the 'gram or there are a few photo bombers behind you. Don't fret, because this TikTok guides you through which apps to use and how to use them. From expanding a photo to fit perfectly on your Instagram to removing light fixtures, the apps in this hack are must-try's.

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