Try These Clever TikTok Home Hacks To Clean & Organize Your Space

Future Publishing/Future/Getty Images

With many around the country now taking part in social distancing, social media has become more important than ever for helping people feel connected and entertained while self-quarantining. If you're running out of TikTok dance routines to try or are looking for some new ideas to help you be more productive, you'll want to check out these TikTok hacks to try at home. From tips on cleaning your AirPods to a quick hack for folding your jeans, these ideas will help you have some fun with getting stuff done around the house.

Whether you're one of the users who only recently discovered the viral app or you've already got an arsenal of TikToks under your belt, there's no denying that its popularity has exploded recently amidst the current social distancing guidelines in place. While the app might be arguably most well-known for bringing you viral dance routines straight to your living room, one of its most popular features is its #LifeHacks collection offering advice on errands you might be doing around the house. With so many people stuck at home for the foreseeable future, here are some of the best ones you'll want to try.

Clean Your AirPods

TikTok user @bhollz7 has one of the most popular #LifeHacks videos to date, which is unsurprising considering how hard it is to clean your AirPods or any other wireless earbuds.

To clean them, you'll want to purchase a multi-purpose duster for electronics (the TikTok user used Endust for Electronics in his video). Once you spray the speakers of your earbuds, you'll want to lay it against a gum-like substance called Blu-Tack. Once you pull the adhesive away from your Airbuds, all the dirt should be out and on the Blu-Tack.

Throw Your Detergent Cup In The Laundry

TikTok user @mcpeaches93 posted a video showing a detergent hack that her dad had shown her. Instead of dealing with all the leftover detergent that gets stuck on the sides of the measuring cup, you can just throw it in with your laundry. Both the cup and your clothes will get clean.

Fold Your Jeans Quickly

If you're looking for an alternative to the Marie Kondo method of folding clothes, check out this TikTok hack for putting away jeans from user @xtassy. In the video, she lays the jeans out flat, fold the legs up in one movement, then folds the jeans in half and folds them once again. It's just three quick movements, and it looks like a really time-effective way to put your clothes away.


Throw Out Leftover Food Without Clogging The Sink

TikTok user @JaneGreen8 has a useful hack for people who don't have a garbage disposal built into their sink. If you don't want to deal with having to dump out your sink stopper numerous times, she recommends emptying the perforated plastic container where you store your sponges and soaps and dumping uneaten food in there so all the liquid drains into your sink. Once you're done, you can pick up the strainer and dump the rest of it into the trash. You can then wash the container like normal.


Fix Hard Cookies

If one of your self-quarantine baking experiments went awry and you ended up with hard cookies, you can easily fix them with one grandma-approved trick. TikTok user @Maxalah says you can seal the hard cookies into a Tupperware container with slices of soft bread on top. If you leave them out overnight, the pieces of bread will be hard and your cookies will be magically soft.

These are just a few of the many useful tips in the #LifeHacks collection, so I'd recommend trying out a few of the above in the coming days and browsing the hashtag if you want more ideas.