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10 Best Fall Throwback Moments You Need To Remind Your Sister About ASAP


Fall is the coziest of seasons. With oversized sweaters and leggings, warm seasonal lattes, crunchy leaves, and trips down Memory Lane, it's no wonder why you're currently filled with nostalgia, and you know the one person you can call when that nostalgia hits is your sister. She was there with you through all the fall fun during your childhood, and she can help you remember hilarious stories you may have forgotten. But there are more than a few things you did with your sister in the fall as kids that you'll always remember.

My sister and I currently live long-distance, but I always make it a point to visit her in the fall. Autumn is my favorite time of year, and I have her to thank for that. She was the one person who was down to join me on every autumn adventure. I remember going to the fall carnival, carving pumpkins, and sorting through our Halloween candy together. I really miss those days, but luckily, I have my sis to take me back.

If your sister needs a little reminder of the good times as well, you can reminisce about these 10 things you use to do together. Not that you needed a reason to call your sis, but fall is the perfect opportunity to travel back in time.

Coordinating Your Halloween Costumes
Rachel Chapman

When you and your sis were little, your parents may have dressed you up in matching Halloween costumes. One year my sister and I wore matching Belle costumes that my mom made because we were beyond obsessed with Beauty and the Beast. Those pics are some of my favorite #TBTs to post in October.

Getting Messy While Carving Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins is a fall staple activity. You may have forgotten how difficult it is to carve the perfect design, but you'll never forget how messy it was digging out all the pumpkin guts. It might have seemed a little gross, but you and your sis had so much fun anyway.

Sharing Candy And Fighting Over Your Favorites

After a long night of trick-or-treating, you and your sis probably went home and sorted through your candy. I used to dump my entire bag out on the living room floor and went through my treats piece by piece. (It was an extremely important process.) My sis and I traded for our favorites, and it was a tough lesson as a kid determining whether a Snickers was really worth losing two mini bags of peanut M&Ms for.

Going To The Fall Carnival

The school fall carnival was the first indication autumn had arrived. You and your sis may have loved playing the games, enjoying caramel apples and cotton candy, and trying to go on every single ride. Even though the school carnival is in the past, you can still find a local fall fair to attend with your number one.

Wearing The Matching Sweaters Your Parents Bought You

At first, you might have thought it was cruel how much your parents made you and your sister wear matching clothes, but now, those pics are priceless. I don't know about you, but I would give anything to find some of my '90s neon sweaters my parents made me wear.

Watching Your Favorite Fall-Themed Movies In Your Flannel PJs

As kids, you and your sis would watch movies in the living room on the regular. You might have even built your very own blanket fort to chill in. Right now, you would love to have a movie night together to stream all the fall classics like Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown in your pajamas.

Enjoying All The Pumpkin Treats

Fall is the season where pumpkins take the spotlight. I used to roast leftover pumpkin seeds with my sister and snacked on them all day. (Don't even get me started on pumpkin pie and pumpkin cream cheese muffins.) Whatever homemade treats your family made when you were kids, you and your sister probably still look forward to eating whenever you go home.

Going Back-To-School Shopping

Let's be honest: The best part about going back to school was back-to-school shopping. You used to have a little fashion show in each store and your sis would be honest with you about what to get. Your favorite was taking your first day of school pics together in your new outfits.

Going For A Second Round Of Pie At Thanksgiving

You loved having your sis there to keep you company at Thanksgiving dinner. You both ruled the kids table and couldn't wait for pie. That was the one dish that always got a second or third helping.

Playing In The Leaves

When you're with your sis, you don't need to be doing something extravagant in order to have fun. All you need is a fresh piles of leaves, and you're set for an afternoon filled with laughs. Before Instagram was a thing, the fall foliage was simply for playing in and soaking up the beauty of nature.