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30 Fall Captions For Sisters Who Live For PSLs, Crunchy Leaves, & Apple Orchards

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From navigating corn mazes, to sippin' Pumpkin Spice Lattes, to hiking amongst the foliage, your fall bucket list is overflowing — and there's no one else you'd rather check these activities off with than your sister. She's been your BFF and ride or die since day one. You grew up diving into piles of leaves together, carving pumpkins, and sharing Halloween candy. She's the pumpkin spice to your latte, and that's why you need fall captions for sisters who plan on spending all season together.

You might even have a few fall traditions you love to do together. Every year, my sister and I always rewatch our favorite fall movies, share throwback Halloween pics, and send each other pumpkin-flavored goodies in the mail. There's no doubt about it — spending time with your sis this season is a must.

So, the next coffee run you go on, make sure to snap a sippin' selfie together with your PSLs. When you're ready to post on the 'Gram, you'll have these 30 captions to choose from. They'll also work for every pic of you getting lost in corn mazes and hugging each other in your cozy oversized sweaters.

1. "If I fall, I know my sister will be right there to also dive straight into the pile of leaves with me."

2. "You are the pumpkin spice to my latte."

3. "We've been dominating the Halloween costume game since we were in diapers."

4. "We're blessed and pumpkin-obsessed."

5. "Oh my gourd, have you met my sister? Talk about #SquashGoals."


6. "I can't leaf without my sister."

7. "Hay there sis, let's go for a ride."

8. "Having a ghouls night out with my number one."

9. "You are the apple of my pie."

10. "I always make sure to carve out some sisterly fun."

11. "Sister time in the fall is good for the soul."

12. "Don't talk to us until we've had our Pumpkin Spice Lattes."

13. "Clearly, my love for PSLs runs in the family."

14. "Life was meant for adventures with sisters."

15. "Sisters who slay their fall outfits together, stay together."

16. "Because I have a sister, I will always have someone to do fall things with."

17. "We're just creepin' it real."

18. "She's the only person I'd share my Halloween candy with."


19. "The cutest apples in the orchard."

20. "Get in sis, we're going to the farm."

21. "I can't remember if this sweater is yours or mine."

22. "At this point, our blood type is Pumpkin Spice Latte."

23. "We love fall most of all."

24. "Not trying to be corny, but I love my sister."

25. "Without my sister, I (apple spice) doughnut know what I'd do."

26. "You make every season better just being in it."

27. "Happiness is coffee on a fall day with your sister."

28. "In the lattes of life, sisters are the pumpkin spice."

29. "Sisters are rare like a PSL, and dependable like your favorite sweater."

30. "There's no one I'd rather jump into a pile of leaves with than you."

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