10 Things You Should Never Stop Doing For Your Little Sis, Even In Your 20s

Growing up, you always looked out for your baby sis and never failed to drop some of that epic older sis knowledge whenever she needed advice. That close-knit dynamic doesn't have to end the minute you both reach adulthood. In fact, there are things to do for your little sister that you should never, ever stop doing. Just because you're in your 20s now, that doesn't mean you lose the title of the older sister.

This is a job that'll last a lifetime, which means the role you play never fades out — even if you live miles apart from each other. Sure, the setting might change a bit as you reach your 20s, but you still get to be that big sis who has your little sister's back, no matter what. For example, I might act like I don't really need my older sister, but I still rely on her texts and advice every single day. That's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to older sister help.

Even if your little sis doesn't want to admit it, you are still her biggest role model. That's why she still secretly relies on you to do these 10 very important things throughout your 20s.

Delivering Valuable Life Advice

Just because we're adults, that doesn't mean we have life completely figured out. Adulting comes with so many responsibilities — big and small. From cleaning the apartment and doing laundry, to getting a job and figuring out our taxes, we have our hands full. As the older sister, you can and should still pass down life advice to your sis when she's feeling stressed out.

Protecting Her From Her Enemies

You used to protect your baby sis from bullies on the playground. Now, you get to protect her from a toxic friendship or a jerk who breaks her heart. You're there to step in and save the day when people are trying to ruin it.

Giving Her Birthday Surprises

Even though you're adults and birthdays can become less of a thing, you should still celebrate each other. It's the little, thoughtful gestures in life that truly count the most. Maybe you decide to send your sis a box of her favorite cupcakes to make her day a little bit sweeter. A handwritten card always goes a long way, too.

Confiding In Her

You may be really close with your parents and tell them everything, but keeping a few secrets with just your sis should be mandatory. It can be about anything — from dating fails to adulting mishaps. They don't have to be big, just secrets between two sisters that'll strengthen your bond even more.

Continuing To Share Clothes, If Possible

Sharing is a valuable skill you learned as a kid because of your sister. Being able to share closets may have been annoying at first, but now you realize what a luxury it is. It's like twice the amount of clothes for half the price.

Introducing Her To New Music

Your little sister looked up to you to show her everything cool — from movies to music. Keep introducing her to new things, because she's always game and appreciates your recommendations (even if she won't admit it).

Picking Her Up When She Fails

Being an adult doesn't mean finally having your life together. Your little sister will experience obstacles and hurdles as we all do — and you have always been the best person to pick her back up. You will always be her biggest cheerleader.

Tag-Teaming It

It may not be constant reminders to clean your room now, but you will have to deal with your parents nagging you about other things. Being able to tag-team has always helped you get through it all. Be there to help each other out when your parents get to be a little extra and you literally cannot deal.

Keeping Up With Your Holiday Traditions

You might not be baking cookies for Santa anymore, but it's those little holidays traditions that you both look forward to every year. Continue to spend some quality time together decorating the Christmas tree or making latkes. Those memories will truly last forever.

Making Time For Relaxing Sister Hangs

Now that you're older, you may live miles apart, so your time together is special. That doesn't mean you need to always be doing something fancy. Schedule some relaxing sister hangs at home, catching up and watching your favorite movies with some popcorn.