9 Things That Will Make Anyone With Older Sisters Say "Same"

Having a sister is a very unique experience that not everyone can truly know about. Women share a special bond with each other in general, and a sisterly bond is on another level. The way you and your sister interact is unique to your family, but you can still get that feeling that makes you say “same” when you see other sisters interact. Whenever I see things that older sisters do, I’m immediately reminded of my own sister. There are some things about having an older sister that every little sis can totally relate to.

I love to compare famous siblings to the relationship I have with my sister. And, oftentimes, I find myself saying, "they're just like us." My sister and I have been hardcore relating to celebrity sisters for years, like the Kardashians and the Duffs, to name a couple. Obviously, we're not carbon copies, but we understand where they're coming from more times than one.

We're all products of our environment, and having that incredible big sis, little sis dynamic as you were growing up has really affected you, even if you're completely unaware. There are at least nine things that anyone with an older sister can instantly relate to. Our experiences may be varied, but there are just some things that remain the same.

You Can Always Ask Your Sister For Advice
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While you were growing up, you most likely went to your big sister for help, feedback, and advice. She went through many of those crucial life experiences before you did, so that meant she was the wise one who had countless tips to give you. You still go to her for help as an adult, but this time, it's more for her opinions on an issue. You know you'll always respect what your big sister has to say.

You Get Babied By Her
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Your older sister felt like she had to take care of you. When you were little, your parents probably had her babysit when they wanted to go out. You may have hated how she tried to be like your second mother, bossing you around at times, but you know in your heart she did it because she cares so much about you. Even to this day, you still feel like the baby when she's around. It always helps to remind her that you're an adult, too.

You Still Want To Raid Her Wardrobe
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Whether you were successful or not, you always wanted to go into your sister's closet and steal some of her adorable clothes. You admired your big sis, and sometimes, that meant her sense of style. You still find yourself dressing very similar, because you'll eye a cool garment your sister's wearing and want it for yourself. Additionally, you can always count on her to give you the most honest advice about any outfit you're not sure about.

You're Used To People Comparing You

You received the comparisons your entire life. In school, teachers would see your last name and make comparisons between you and your sister. It's easy to assume family members would be the same, but you know you're both very different. Most people met your sister first, so you were always being compared to her. Now you know how to set yourself apart. You know how to break the assumptions, so that people start to see you as your own unique self.

You're Very Good At Sharing Things
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From toys, to clothes, to TV time, and to food — if you had a sister, you grew up sharing all of things. It's made you a chill roommate, because you've spent most of your life sharing a space with another person. You've learned how to truly appreciate the things you have that are all yours.

You Know What It's Like To Have High Expectations
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If you’re a little sister, you know the exhausting expectations you're naturally given just by having an older sister. People may expect you to live up to however awesome your sister is. But, you've proven to everyone that you are just as great and just as special of a person, no matter who your sister is and what her accomplishments are.

You Can Be More Of A Dreamer

In some circumstances, little sisters might be more of the artistic ones in the family. The older sister might have been more responsible, because she had to set an example and be looked up to as a role model. She took care of things, but that allowed you to be more carefree.

You Still, And Always Will, Look Up To Her
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You always wanted to be just like your cool big sister. You listened to the music she jammed out to, and watched all of the shows she did. You got a good sense of what was hip from her, and even though you're an independent adult now with your own tastes, you still value all of the things she's passionate about.

You're A Good Friend Because Of Her
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Having a sister in general can be difficult at times, but it's so rewarding. Sure, you fight, but when all is said and done, you know how to work things things out. You use all of the tools you've gained from having a big sister in your friendships today. Having an older sister allowed you to understand the female dynamic, and how to be a genuine, honest, and loyal friend.