10 Things Sisters Say To Each Other That Make Your Bond Unbreakable

The bond between two sisters is on another level. Obviously, you're linked by your DNA and family, but there's so much more to your relationship than that. You've been BFFs since you were kids, and that friendship has made you super close. You might even be able to guess exactly what your sister is about to say — especially if it's one of the many things sisters say to each other on the regular.

I love that my sister and I basically have superpowers when we're together. (Watch out, Avengers.) She can read my mind, and most of the time, I could finish her sentences if I really wanted to. With a simple look, my sister knows exactly how I'm feeling, and can rescue me whenever I'm in the middle of an interrogation from an extended family member. She knows how to make my day so much better just with a few magical words.

That connection comes from years of living with each other, going on family vacations, and just hanging out whenever we're bored. You might feel that same bond with your sis, and it's why these 10 things sisters say to each other are on point. You and your sis may even look at this list, and think, "OMG same." That's just the power of sisterhood.

"Is That My Sweater?"
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Since you share clothes all the time, it gets a little fuzzy when trying to figure out what's yours and what's your sister's. There are times where you catch your sis wearing your stuff. That's when you have to call her out by asking if that's your sweater she's wearing, and you both end up cracking up.

"You Look So Much Like Mom/Dad In That Picture"
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Over the years, you may have compared yourself to your parents. You might think you look more like your mom, because you have her eyes, and your sis looks more like your dad because of her hair. That's why you've likely said something along the lines of "you look so much like mom/dad" when you're looking back on old family photos, or snap a recent one for the 'Gram.

"Please, Save Me From The 21 Questions"
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You've definitely needed rescuing at a few family reunions. You seriously dread answering any more nagging questions about your work or dating life. That's when you send out the bat signal for your sis to come to your rescue.

"You Just Get Me"

This could be after your sister sends you a meme that's your sense of humor to a T, or she surprises you with your favorite coffee order. Either way, you have to let her know how much she understands you, because let's be honest: No one else "gets" you the way your number one does.

"OMG, We Have To Do This Together!"
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You might see a friend's vacay pic on Instagram, and immediately think, "I have to do this with my sis." She's your partner in crime, after all. If you're going to do something new and exciting, she's the first person you think of to be the best travel buddy.

"I've Got Your Back"
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Your sis has always been your biggest cheerleader. Any new path you embrace, she's right there cheering you on. She has your back, and will support you in whatever you do — no questions asked.

"You're Stuck With Me Forever"

Some friends may come and go, but the relationship you have with your sister is forever. You know that you're set with the best secret keeper, advice giver, and adventure lover for life, because you always have your sister by your side.

"Remember When We Did That?"
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When the nostalgia hits hard, the first person you text is your sis. Whenever you find a throwback pic to post on Thursday, you immediately check in with your sister to see if she remembers it. She's perfect for a trip down Memory Lane, and it always brings a smile to your face.

"Thank You For Not Telling Anyone About..."
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Your sister is the greatest secret keeper you know. You tell her everything, and trust that she won't tell a soul. You are constantly thanking her for being the best vault around.

"Of Course, You're My Sister And I Love You"

You will do anything for your sis. She is the PB to your J, and you love her endlessly. You know she doesn't need to hear it, but it's always a sweet reminder that you love her.