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Aww, Here's How To Make Your Long-Distance Partner Feel Loved

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Relationships thrive on the "little" things, like sending each other sweet texts and knowing exactly what toppings your SO likes on their pizza. But long-distance relationships might need that intimacy a little more than others. When you live far away from your partner and don’t see them as often as you’d like, it’s especially important to keep the romance alive with your words and actions. There are plenty of things you can do for your long-distance partner that'll mean the world to them, even from miles away.

"At a glance, a long-distance relationship is no different from a local one," matchmaker and dating coach Lori Salkin previously told Elite Daily. "Two people are introduced or meet with the hopes that this could be the one... The difference in long-distance relationships is that there is a lot more weight put on the relationship right away because of the difference in the commitment needed to develop and sustain the relationship." It can take extra work from both partners to stay connected and in sync.

To remain close despite the physical distance, get creative with the ways you show your love. You might not be able to kiss them or hold their hand IRL, but you can still comfort them after a long day with a text or phone call. It’s all about staying in tune with their emotions and establishing a foundation of trust and communication. Virtual “dates” can be just as fun as in-person hangs. What really matters is that you’re spending time together.

To shake things up a bit, surprise your partner with a special gesture of love. It doesn’t need to be expensive or fancy, but it should feel authentic to you.

Write Them Letters

Who said snail mail is outdated? There’s something so romantic about receiving a handwritten letter from someone you love. Pen a note to your partner about how much you miss them, and ask them to write you back ASAP. As you wait patiently for their response, you’ll feel a bit like you stepped back in time.

Design A Fun Adventure For Them

Do a bit of research to discover fun events and activities happening where your partner lives. Then, surprise them by planning out an afternoon or evening solo date for them! You can curate the itinerary, picking places you know they’ll love. Then, on your next visit, the two of you can revisit those spots together.

Count Down The Days Until You're Reunited

Remind them that you can’t wait to see them again, and that you’re keeping track of how much longer you have to wait. Send a short text each morning with the number of days left in the countdown. This will give you both something tangible to look forward to.

Send Them A Book To Read Together

Start your own two-person book club by reading something together and setting aside time to discuss it over the phone. Send your partner a new book in a personalized care package, along with a reading schedule and set of discussion questions. This can help prompt deep conversations so you can learn more about one another.

Make Them A Playlist

Every time you hear a song that makes you think of your partner, add it to a playlist. Then, once it’s reached a length you’re happy with, send it to them. They can queue it up anytime they’re missing you.

Check In With Them Often

Every couple has a different daily routine of communication, and while not everyone wants to be texting all day long, it is important to stay updated on the ins and outs of each other’s lives — especially when you can’t be together in person. Make an effort to check in at least once per day, asking how your partner is doing and how you can support them.

Schedule Sexy Time

Whether it’s Skype or phone sex or a designated time to send nudes to each other, fostering physical intimacy can help keep the sexy spark alive in your relationship. Long-distance sex sessions can be just as hot as traditional romps — plus, they make you that much more excited to see each other in person again.

Plan A Movie Date

Is there a movie you’ve both been dying to see? Look up showings in your city and wherever bae lives. Then, once you find two movie times that line up closely, go to the movie in your respective homes and call each other about it afterwards. If you’d prefer to stay in, you can also queue up a Netflix film together and discuss it over text in real time.

Send Them Flowers Or Dessert

There are few things better than receiving flowers or chocolate after a long and discouraging week. If you notice your boo seems down, send them a batch of cookies or their favorite bakery treat.

Share A Meal "Together"

OK, so you can’t technically cook dinner for your partner, but you can find a recipe to cook at the same time and then eat it together over FaceTime. You might even discover some new favorite meals in the process.

It’s said that distance makes the heart grow fonder — and with the right combination of creativity and love, this can totally be true. Don't be deterred by the miles between you, but think of them as an opportunity to show your devotion in more unconventional ways.

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