10 Sweet Little Gifts For Your Boo That Celebrate Spring — Other Than Flowers

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OK, hear me out on this one: Flowers are a pretty dang amazing gift. When it comes to gifts that celebrate spring, flowers often take the cake. I don't know anyone that wouldn't absolutely light up if their sweetheart came home with a bouquet or even a single flower that they picked on their walk home (even if they plucked it from, like, a neighbor's garden. *shrug*). So, what could be better than flowers? Not much, is what I am trying to say — but with an expert level creativity, you could give your partner a sweet little "just because" gift that welcomes in spring and shows them that you care.

As someone whose love language is gift giving, I freaking love looking at someone's life and seeing what I could give them to either make their day easier or to just bring a small dose of joy into an otherwise normal day. The trick to gift giving is to pay attention to what a person does throughout their day. Does your partner use their hands a lot at work? Maybe consider getting them a gift card to a manicure place near their apartment. Does bae love to cook and be creative in the kitchen? Listen or pay attention to their recent statements about cooking. Maybe they might complain about a dull knife or not having enough bowls, and — voilà — there's your clue for a great gift.

Great gifts don't necessarily have to have a huge price tag — they serve as a reminder that there is someone paying attention. For some creative gift ideas to feel like a spring fairy god-bae, check out the following ideas.

Surprise them with a new way to spend time outside.
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Sometimes, there's nothing more relaxing than spending time in nature. There are so many ways to do this, too! One way that you could surprise your sweetheart is by getting them something that allows them to relax outdoors in a new way. If they don't have a backyard or outdoor space, consider getting them a portable hammock (a two-person sized one for more cuddles) that you can take to the park on a weekend and camp out all day in the shade of a big tree.

If they do have an outdoor space, consider finding a neat outdoor chair or even a creative swing pictured above. Installing a swing is definitely an advanced tactic, so if you don't quite feel super handy, the portable hammock is a fun way to celebrate nice weather and get outside for some quality time together.

Get them a good as heck picnic blanket.
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There's nothing I love more than laying down and being surrounded by nature. So, why not combine the two with a cutie little picnic blanket? I don't think a solid picnic blanket ever goes under-appreciated. Consider getting a blanket or towel, like this one, that is thin enough to roll up into any bag, but big enough for multiple people to lay on in the sun while eating all the snacks and reading or — you know — some making out in the sun.

3.Slip a backup umbrella into their bag when you know it might rain.
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If your bae is kind of forgetful, or just super go-with-the-flow, they might get caught in the rain a lot. Something you could do for them is slip an extra umbrella into their bag. Honestly, it could make them feel super cared for if it starts to pour and you send them a text to look in their bag for a treat. You could even write a little love note and tied it to the handle for them to read!

Get them an instant print camera for all the new memories you'll be making.

Let's say your bae has a birthday , graduation, or other important even coming up — consider getting them something to help document these moments in real time. Instant print cameras are becoming much more popular these days and, when you think about it, it makes sense! It can be really sweet to have a physical marker of a time you spent together that prints instantly.

You could even be creative and have a notebook that you paste your printed pictures in. There are a handful of cameras on the market that aren't worth their exorbitant film prices. This camera has film that is pretty affordable, so you can take a bunch of pics when you're enjoying outdoor concerts or picnics during the nicer weather.

Tune up their bike for them.

Something that could be really sweet gesture of care is breaking out their bike and getting any broken parts fixed or filling up the tires. If they have a bike that is just sort of a decoration on the wall rack or collecting dust in the garage, it might be because of a flat tire or broken brake. Consider surprising them by fixing it up, and they'd surely be completely warmed by the gesture.

Anything that gives you an excuse to luxuriate.
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Something that is truly so fun to do on weekends, as well as days when it's sunny out, is to enjoy a slow morning and bask in the sunlight that's coming in through the window. One way you could do this is by getting them a bed and breakfast tray (and maybe even making them breakfast in bed!) one day.

If you like to get lattes together at a coffee shop, you could get them a way to make espresso at home so you don't have to venture out of bed into the real world and just heed Jack Johnson's advice and wake up slow (banana pancakes are optional).

Consider getting tickets to a local farm tour.

If your sweetheart loves nature, plants, or just anything involving green — consider thinking out of the box for a truly memorable surprise. Many local farms, botanical gardens, or horticultural societies have days that you can tour their facility for free! This could be a fun date plan, too.

Slip some sunnies into their purse, too.
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Hopefully you're having a lot of sunny spring weather and not a ton of rain. In the event that you are this lucky, consider slipping some cute sunglasses into your bae's purse in case they often forget to pack or have lost their only pair (ahem, me). They'll probably find them with a sense of confusion, but when you text them about the little surprise, their smile will be as bright as the sun.

Cookware that makes them say, "let's eat!"

If your partner loves to cook, there's nothing a cook loves more than an excuse to play in the kitchen. Consider picking them up a new tool like a vegetable spiralizer, a really solid knife, or something they've been asking about like a brightly colored dutch oven. Anything like this can make the heart of a cook sing, as well as run to the kitchen to try out a new recipe. That can also work out in your favor as their resident taste-tester.

Nothing more romantic than an actual picnic basket.
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Honestly, I love having an excuse to goof off. If you got bae a picnic basket, you should be heading out to spend the day in the sun ASAP. Like, you can't just get a cute picnic basket as a gift and not want to pack it full of treats immediately.

So, there you have it, folks — a handful of impressive gifts that are better than a bouquet of flowers. Honestly, no one's saying that you can't also do flowers, but some of these gifts cost the same amount and last way longer.

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