These 3 Signs Will Have The Best Spring Equinox & They're Ready For It

by Valerie Mesa

Despite the initial dread of daylight saving, it's safe to say, the best season of the year is upon us, and you have to admit, the thought of kicking it back for spring break never felt so good. BTW, these three zodiac signs will have the best spring equinox 2019, and they're ready to spring forward: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Also, and I know I'm being totally bias, but what's not to love? This season is so magical, and for so many reasons. Mind you, I'm not even referring to the tropical getaways, and spring-breaker beach parties, as it goes way beyond that!

Just so you know, the spring season has always given the collective a reason to celebrate. Now, while every season has its unique magic, the energy of spring can be incredibly uplifting and powerful. Put it this way: the autumn season is similar to the new moon, in the sense that it's a time for planting seeds; the winter, on the other hand, is similar to the waxing moon phase, as it is a time for development and gestation. Moreover, once the springtime rolls around, we are then greeted with brand new life, both literally and figuratively speaking.

Besides, can you imagine what our ancestors must've gone through back then? I don't doubt that their winters were similar to that of Games of Thrones... you know... dark and full of terror? However, this season is the exact opposite, as we are now being gifted with more hours of sunlight, and a fresh new beginning from the heavens. In the end, the spring is a season of creation, and resurrection. Plus, the term "springing forward" couldn't be more appropriate, given that this also marks the official kick off of Aries season. Again, what can I say? It's a celebration, stargazers!

Before I forget, in regard to the spring equinox 2019, which will be taking place on Wednesday, Mar. 20, we're in for some interesting astro weather, and here's why: For starters, the moon will be traveling through the meticulous sign of Virgo, which will then align with Mars and Pluto, forming a gorgeous grand earth trine. Now, grand trines are incredibly harmonious, and given that this trifecta stems from the element earth, there is an opportunity for solidity, and manifestation. On another note, however, mysterious Pluto will be sitting close to the south node, which means we will be releasing something before we step into the astrological new year. Are you ready?

Here's what's in store for the fire signs:

Aries: You're Ready To Celebrate

Happy birthday! Your astrological season is finally here, and Lord knows you had to deal with the ambiguity and restlessness of Pisces season, swimming in the mystical depths, aka definitely not your scene. Don't get me wrong, Aries. You, too, are a magical being, except you prefer to bring the fire, and go to war, and we wouldn't have it any other way. BTW, this lucky grand earth trine could bring you financial luck in the workplace, so stay tuned!

Leo: You've Got A Lust For Life

There's no better feeling than the sun sliding into your sister sign, aka Aries, which means your ninth house of travel and higher learning will be soon be ignited. Planning on traveling or going back to school, Leo? Don't be afraid to take that leap of faith The cosmos are on your side, and warrior-like Mars is boldly fighting your battles in your career sector! There's something in the works for you financially. This could either be related to your professional life, or perhaps through a prominent parental figure.

Sagittarius: You're As Charismatic As Ever

Va va voom! With the sun in Aries energizing and revitalizing your expressive fifth house of romance and creativity, some of you could be greeted with a new love interest, or perhaps kick off an exciting art project. Have fun, Sagittarius. However, make sure you don't over-indulge, as your ruling planet Jupiter has been quenching your thirst as of late. There's nothing wrong with being passionate, as long as you stay grounded. Speaking of, this grand earth trine could suddenly gift you with an exciting new venture! New work routine? Yes, please!