10 Undeniable Signs You Grew Up On The East Coast

Real talk: Many of us know the East Coast is where it's at. This isn't an East Coast versus West Coast debate (even though I could get into it), but rather an East Coast appreciation post. I grew up in Florida, and spent several years living in New York City before moving to Los Angeles. As much as I love that Cali life, I will forever consider myself an East Coaster. Being on the other side of the country, whenever I meet new people, we instantly bond when I hear they're originally from the East Coast. There are just some signs you grew up on the East Coast that are extremely relatable.

These are my people, and we speak the same language. Maybe it's just that I'm missing my bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches from my corner bodega, but right now, I'm feeling nostalgic AF for my roots on the other side of the country. Life may move you to other places, but you will always carry a little East Coast with you wherever you go. It's in the way you walk, talk, and eat. If you grew up on the East Coast, you will say "same" when you see these 10 things that link us all.

You Have Many TBTs Of Your Vacations To Florida

With Florida just a short plane ride or road trip away, your family definitely made their way to the Sunshine State for a few family vacations. With tons of sunshine, stunning beaches, and awesome theme parks like Disney World, there's a lot to see. You definitely have more than a few throwback pics of you and your siblings posing with Mickey Mouse, and you're just waiting for the right Thursday to share that #TBT with the world.

Your Summers Involved Going To The Shore
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Growing up, you always looked forward to the summer, because it meant long days spent at the beach. Your family may have a tradition to spend a week or two every year at the Cape. And if you were lucky enough to live super close to the beach, you hit up the surf and sand with your friends whenever you felt like it.

You Walk At A Faster Pace Than Everyone Else

You're a girl on a mission. Therefore, you're probably tired of hearing friends tell you that you're walking too fast, or asking you to slow down. We've got places to be, people!

You Know America Runs On Dunkin', And Wawa Has The Best Hoagies

It's weird to think that you won't find certain East Coast chains in other places. I can't believe that only more recently California and Colorado got Dunkin' Donuts. What were they running on before then? Also, you have not lived until you've had a hoagie and coffee from Wawa, in my personal opinion.

You Don't Freak Out When It Rains
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Rain happens so often on the East Coast that you can almost predict it. A little afternoon shower is nothing out of the ordinary. You're always prepared with an umbrella in the back of your car, and you love to break out your cute rain boots and matching rain jacket.

You Know All Four Seasons

For some people on the West Coast, all of the seasons kind blend together. Every season is exciting to you as an East Coaster, but let's be honest: You really live for Pumpkin Spice Latte season.

You're All About Pumpkin Patches And Apple Picking
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Going off of my previous point, fall is your fave. The crisp air gives you life, and you can't wait to do every fall activity imaginable. The perfect days consist of sipping on a warm PSL while apple picking with your squad in your favorite flannel. What's better than that?

Growing Up, You Owned More Than A Few Polos
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You were all about the preppy fashion growing up. You owned more than a few polos in your wardrobe, and are definitely guilty of popping some collars — because it was totally on trend. Fashion is and will always be important to you, and you always want to dress to impress.

You Never Really Had To Worry About Spoilers For Your Fave Shows
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Being on East Cost time, you always got to watch TV shows earlier than the rest of the country. The time difference really makes all the difference, and you never had to worry about spoilers (unless your friends spilled the beans, of course).

You Know Where To Get The Best Slice Of Pizza

I don't care if you think it's the best pizza you've ever had. If it's not from the East Coast, I'm not buying it. Sure, Chicago has their deep dish, but the best slices are over on the East Coast as far as I'm concerned. Give me New York-style pizza any day, and I am in heaven.