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10 Romantic Date Ideas That'll Help You Fall Even More In Love

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Let's be real: It's not always possible to make every night the most romantic night of your life. Between school, work, family, and general stress, your rom-com moment may look more like ordering in and watching bad TV while wearing sweatpants. And while you and your boo may already hang out all the time, knowing some extra romantic date ideas that'll help you fall even more in love can make your love life feel like a literal Hollywood movie, if even just for a night.

No matter how long you and your partner have been together, taking time to be super intentional with your partner can help both you and your boo focus on how much you love each other. Whether you turn off your cellphones for an entire meal or finally try that Thai place that you've both been dying to check out, getting out of your routines and trying new things together can help you fall even deeper in love. Of course, no one knows your relationship more than you do, and a romantic date can be whatever feels right for you.

If you need some romantic inspo, here are 10 super special date ideas that will really let the sparks fly.

Ask them about their dream date, then surprise them with it.

Casually ask them about their dream date, in passing. Wait enough time for them to forget that you asked, and then surprise them with said dream date, down to the food and drinks. You'll get to learn more about them and what they're into, and your thoughtfulness and attention to detail will touch them.

Volunteer somewhere that you both care about.

Do something intentional and meaningful that you both care about. Spend a day writing letters to a women’s shelter or do some weeding at a community garden. Doing something together for a bigger cause can bring you both together while helping others. What's more romantic than that?

Learn something new together.

Whether you go to a pottery night, take a French lesson, or hit up a gym class that neither of you has been to, trying and learning something new together will let you see in each other in a different way. You'll get to laugh and grow together as you're supporting each other's learning.

Re-create your first date.

Whether you went to a mandatory school play or a bad Italian restaurant, re-creating a part of your history is a great way to connect with your boo deeper. (Well, maybe not the mandatory play, but you get it.) Maybe you wear the outfit you wore on your first date or do something inspired by your first hookup. You can talk about how much you've grown together and how much better your life is with them in it.

DIY something you wanted to go to and couldn’t afford.

That Mumford & Sons concert last weekend? A spa day? A painting class? Get the supplies you need at a discount or dollar store and find videos of whatever you missed out on. Host your own private event at home just for the two of you — you'll get to see how thrifty, creative, and good at problem-solving you each are.

Go on a progressive dinner date.

Go to different places for every part of the meal. Start somewhere for apps, then go elsewhere for dinner, then for deserts. End the night with a nightcap at a fun bar that neither of you has tried before. Moving between courses will show you a whimsical and silly side of your boo, and you'll get to see them looking like a snack in a number of different food establishments.

Have a retro date night (with no cell phones!).

Try only talking on the phone for a day (no texting on DMing), then plan a retro date. Go rollerskating, shop at a record store, or eat at a restaurant that neither of you has Yelped (yikes). Turn your phones off for the duration of the date, in order to really connect without distractions.

Do something a *little* competitive.

Competition can raise your dopamine levels and make you and your boo extra excited to be with each other. Play a board game, go axe throwing or bowling, do something that involves a little friendly rivalry. The heightened emotions will make you fall even deeper in love.

Plan a picnic.

Pack up all the food and drinks you'll need and set up a blanket somewhere you haven’t eaten before, like the park or a vista. If the weather acts up, try an indoor picnic, on the living room floor, or in their room. Create an intimate space for you to eat some snacks and share about your day with each other.

Take a cooking class together.

Whether you both love to cook or totally hate it, taking a cooking class or tackling a new recipe together can be a great way to connect deeper with your boo. You can talk about your favorite food memories or food that reminds you of your childhood and family and learn more about each other through food.

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