10 Questions You Never Have To Ask Your Roomie, Because She's Your Person

I think most of us can agree that adulting can be difficult at times, but I think the hardest thing of all is finding the perfect roommate. You may have to deal with a few different habits and living styles before finding "the one" who you mesh well with. It takes time finding the perfect roommate, but once you've found her, you're on the road to easy living. In fact, there are even questions you never have to ask your roomie, because she just already knows.

Sure, it may be that you've lived together long enough to understand what the other one is thinking, but I also like to think that BFFs have some kind of magical powers. It's like you have the ability to read each other's minds. For example, if you come home from a bad day, from the look on your face alone, your roomie knows that a girls' night in with cozy blankets and your favorite pizza is just what you need.

So, along with perks like a dishwasher and laundry unit in your apartment, when you sign the lease with your BFF, you have the perk of never having to ask these 10 questions that a best friend like her already knows.

Can I Have The Other Half Of That?

If your roomie made too much pasta for dinner or waffles for breakfast, you know that you're always welcome to have whatever's left over. She is more than happy to share her food with you, because you'd do the same for her. It's safe to say that what's left in the kitchen is up for grabs.

Can I Watch A Movie With You?

If you notice your bestie watching TV and you want a chill night at home too, you don't need to ask if its OK to join her. She is already making room for you on the couch, so you both can get cozy. She might even turn on your fave movie to watch together like Mean Girls or Clueless without either of you having to say a thing.

May I Borrow Some Toothpaste?

Don't worry, we've all been there when we run out of toothpaste, even your roommate. She will understand when you have to borrow some. You don't even need to ask if it's cool. She knows you would do the same for her.

Is It OK To Vent Right Now?

Your bestie has pretty much memorized every facial expression you have, so she can tell when you're having a bad day. You don't have to ask if it's OK to vent. She's ready and all ears.

Do You Want To Go Out Tonight?

Your roomie is your partner in crime for every adventure. That means if you want to stay in, she'll be down for cozy movie marathon, and if you want to go out, she's ready to put on her dancing shoes. You just need to say the place, and she's there.

Do You Want Me To Get You Something From The Store?

You're constantly picking things up from the store for each other. You know her favorite snacks and shampoo. So, if you're at the store already, you can pick her up a few things as well. No need to text for a shopping list, because you've got it memorized.

What Do You Want On The Pizza?

When you order food, you always ask your roommate if she always wants some as well. That's why, by now, you don't need to ask her what she wants. When ordering pizza, you know her favorite toppings. You might even have it saved for easy ordering next time.

Will You Be My Emergency Contact?

Just like Meredith Grey was Cristina Yang's emergency contact on Grey's Anatomy, your roomie is yours. She is "your person," after all. She will be there for you in a heartbeat. That means in actual medical emergencies, and even when you need a backup plan for when a date goes bad. No need to ask, because she's already there.

Can We Have A Roommate Talk?

It's stressful living with other people and having to share responsibilities. While most roommate situations require a few roommate talks to go over chores and whatnot, you don't need that as BFFs.

You talk all the time, and when something needs to get done, it gets done. No more passive aggressive texts or notes.

Are You Feeling OK?

When your roommate is sick or feeling ill, you are there with chicken noodle soup in hand. Whereas most roommates would just offer to stop by the store for things, you are your bestie's nurse. You've got her covered with soup, tissues, extra blankets, and tons of vitamin C.