10 Pictures Of Sleeping Cats That Are Relatable AF When You're Feeling Lazy

When I was little, I would tell myself when I grow up, I want to have the life of a cat. Hear me out. Cats get to sleep pretty much all day long, eat whenever, and get love and attention on their time. Sounds like a dream come true, right? As I get older, that dream of having a cat's life has never faded. Instead, it gets greater. After a long work week — and I'm feeling lazy AF — all I want to do is sleep. So, seeing pictures of sleeping cats is so relatable.

Felines are my kindred spirit. I'm sure you can relate. The way they cat nap just about anywhere, at any time of the day, is a skill you have perfected as well. When you look at these 10 pictures of sleeping cats, you want to say, "Same," but instead it's more of a yawn. I just love the way they roll up into tiny fluff balls or spread out with their paws stretched out wide. They truly do not care and are just getting comfy, but it always ends up being the most adorable thing I've ever seen. Honestly, looking at these cats is pawsitively too much to handle right now. I'm on cuteness overload, and I think I deserve a cat nap as well, to recharge myself.

This Angel Kitty Cuddling With His Favorite Teddy
Alita Ong/Stocksy

Let's face it — we all had that one teddy bear we could cuddle with who made nap time so much better. So, looking at this pic is bringing back so many memories. Cuddling with my old teddy and a cute kitten would be the dream nap sitch.

This Cat Knows The Ins And Outs Of Nap Time
lovelivinggreen on Twitter

Looks like Mikey, the kitty, loves his new nap place. He has perfected that "I'm just hangin' out" kind of vibe. I totally get it, though. Sometimes, you have to find the right combination of curling up and stretching out.

This Kitten Is Truly Having A Paws Out Time
KATIE + JOE/Stocksy

This cat truly DGAF. He's got his entire leg just sticking out, and he is totally fine with it. You know what, get comfy your way. That is the lesson I'm taking away from this cool cat.

It's Always Nice To Have A Cuddle Buddy
mialew79 on Twitter

You thought one sleeping kitty was cute enough, but two? It's too much. It's always nice to have someone to nap with and keep you warm. Hey kitties, you looking for a third friend? I promise to scratch your heads as we all fall asleep.

This Kitty Is One Smart Cookie
Lawren Lu/Stocksy

At first, this looks like a crazy place to take a nap, but upon further review, it's pure genius. Just imagine waking up from your amazing nap to being right next to a cookie jar. It's heaven. Sleep time and then snack time? Yes, please.

Sometimes, You Gotta Sleep Belly Up
Chalit Saphaphak/Stocksy

A backpack has never looked so comfortable before. This tiny kitten probably knows how turn any location into a comfy bed to sleep in. Plus, you know it's a good nap when the cat is belly up and does not care.

This Cat Gives "I Woke Up Like This" A New Meaning
ladytomhanks on Twitter

Sometimes, your cat can get into some weird positions trying to get comfy. Paws all over the place, and twisted into weird pretzel positions. It may not look comfortable to you, but it's totally heaven to them.

This Kitty Decided To Use This Railing As A Pillow
Laura Stolfi/Stocksy

Honestly, I thought I was a nap guru, but there is still so much I can learn from my feline friends. It would have never crossed my mind to use this railing as a pillow when I wanted to sleep out on my sunny balcony.

No, Kitty — When You Yawn, I Yawn
Chalit Saphaphak/Stocksy

Now we're all yawning, because it's contagious. Well, I guess now that I'm non-stop yawning that means I have to take a nap. I was planning on being productive, but then this cat yawned at me and now I gotta sleep. Sorry, not sorry.

This Is What Heaven Looks Like, Right?
suesitkiphoto on Twitter

We're all just looking for what makes us happy. I have to say, two fluffy kittens cuddling on a comfy bed is pretty much that for me. I'm in heaven now. I guess I should reward myself with a nice cat nap for finding my true bliss. Goodnight.