10 Cats Photobombing Pictures We Can All Take Some Serious Notes From

Cats are not only good for companionship and furry cuddles, but they also are the ultimate enjoyment. They possess a sassy "IDGAF" attitude that makes them surprisingly endearing and naturally hilarious. If you have a cat of your own, you understand. They sleep all day, wherever they want, even if it's right on your head. And they'll walk wherever they please, even if it is right on your computer's keyboard. They truly do not care about where they go or what they do, which can make for some pretty epic photobombing cat pictures.

Even when they're just going about their lives unaware of what you're doing, they steal the show. We're not complaining. In fact, we love our cats so much that we're pretty sure it's a cat's world and we're just living in it. Our feline friends are a perfect combination of curious and couldn't care less, which is why these 10 photobombing cat pics are downright hilarious. It's like in every picture, the cat is wondering why you would ever take a picture of anything other than them. You're right, cat, and we're sorry. All photos should be cat photos, and we need to take some serious notes from these kittens on how to properly photobomb someone else's picture. Though I will admit, I don't think we'll ever top a kitten-bomb. They're practically purrfect in every way.

1While You Yoga

This cat must be thinking, "What is going on here? If this camera isn't here for me, it shouldn't be here at all." How dare you do something without including your cat. And just like downward dog, down goes the camera.

2On Your Wedding Day

It's supposed to be your day, but you better include the cat. If you don't, they will find a way to make it all about them. This cat totally wants to be included, and is here to show you all the right angles you need for your wedding picture poses.

3Your Cat Stealing The Spotlight From Your Other Cat

Cats on cats on cats! If you happen to have more than one feline friend at home, you must remember to never show any kind of favoritism. They get very jealous, and will demand to be seen in anyway possible.

4Cat, How Did You Get Up There?

The perfect photobomb is all about the surprise. That surprise factor can definitely come from where you pop out in the frame. A cat knows how to get to places in your home you would have never thought any creature could get to.

5The Jealous Cat In The Distance

Once again, you must remember that cats are a notoriously jealous creature. You cannot let one cat take a picture with a scratching post without the other lurking in the distance. Jealousy is only a good quality if you want to be an expert photobomber.

6I Can Have This Coffee?

They say curiosity killed the cat, but we'd like to think it just caused them to be great at photobombing. You can't set out some food without your fur baby wanting to check out what it is first. Now, your foodie pics will also be adorable cat pics.

7Selfies Are Better Wen A Cat's Involved

"Oh, you wanted a picture with the baby? I thought you just wanted a picture of me," said this cat. You know felines can't comprehend that you would ever want a picture without them in it, and we totally get it. Cat pics or it didn't happen.

8I'm Here, Too

Now don't look, but there's a jealous cat behind you. I told you not to take a picture of one cat without the other. That's the price you pay for having two cats.

9Don't Forget About Me

This cat just wanted to be included in the family photo, too. Look at those sweet little eyes. Now you'll never forget to include the cat in all pictures.

10Blending In With The Background

Cats are very good at being stealthy, and they know how to blend in, which makes them great for a surprise photobomb. You won't notice they're there until it's too late — just like this white cat blending in with the white door. Surprise, there's a cat, and now your photo is a million times better.