7 Best Dates To Have With Your Cat When You're Too Lazy To Leave The House

Jovo Jovanovic/Stocksy

I get it; once the laziness sets in, you simply cannot find the energy to pick yourself up from the couch and get out of the house. That's when we're all so grateful to have the company of our cats. They're always there for you, and totally understand the need to be lazy. I mean, they sleep about 80 percent of the day, so there's no judgement on their end. When you're feeling super lazy, there are plenty of dates to go on with your cat... without leaving the house.

They don't all have to be nap dates, either. Though, TBH, nap dates are my favorite kind of dates. It's time to get creative with your fuzzy friend for your hang sessions at home. And seriously, don't let the haters tell you you're being too much of cat lady. There is no such thing.

Your cat is the best companion, because he or she will love you endlessly. Maybe it's because you feed them, but I like to believe there's a lot more than that. They're your favorite roommate and best friend, so why not have a claw-some hangout with your cat? Here are some ideas for your hangout.

1. Have A Cat-Themed Movie Night

Find a movie you and your fluffy companion can both enjoy. I've noticed that my cat loves to watch Miley Cyrus movies and shows. Other cats tend to enjoy wildlife documentaries. You could even pick movies to go with the cat theme by watching some flicks like The Aristocats or That Darn Cat! Once you have a list of movies to stream, snuggle up on the couch and press play.

2. Make A Meow-nificent Meal Together

You can get fancy by making a meal together. Even if your laziness is too set in to the point where getting up and cooking sounds impossible, you can put together something quick and simple with what you have in the fridge. You probably don't usually eat together, so it might be nice to sit down and try to have a meal with your cat.

3. Build A Cozy Fort For Two

Jordan Bauer/Unsplash

Cats love snuggling and all things soft, so find all the comfiest blankets and pillows you have in your home, and build a fort for two. Even if it's just a box fort, that could work as well, because we all know how much our adorable kitties love boxes. Building a fort for you, and an obstacle course for your cat can be super fun.

4. Throw A Paw-fect Pamper Party

You probably need to brush your cat anyway, so why not make a spa day of it? Pamper both your feline friend and yourself. You can trim your cat's claws, while you give yourself a manicure. You both deserve to treat yo' selves.

5. Have A Family Photo Sesh

Melanie DeFazio/Stocksy

You take family photos with everyone else in the family, so why not take them with your cat? When you're both lazy AF at home, you already have everything you need to set up for a great photo session. Get your camera on a timer, and snap away. You could even get festive and take your Christmas photos to send out when the holidays come around.

6. Work On Your Social Media Presence

Laura Stolfi/Stocksy

Now that you have photos together, you can work on your cat's social media presence. It seems like everyone is making an Instagram for their pets these days, so why not join in on all of the fun? Create an account and spam your followers with all of those cute pictures of your cat that you take constantly. We know your phone is running out of storage space because of all those cat pics, so now you have a great place to share them.

7. Purr-fecting Your Lion King Pose

Don't deny it; when you're home alone with your cat, you definitely do The Lion King pose. You know the one where Rafiki is holding up Simba? We all do it. Besides, it's fun and no one's watching.