10 Pictures Of German Shepherds Who Would Make Loyal AF Companions

Sure — we know dogs are man's best friend, but what puppy breed is the truest BFF you could ever ask for? Well, I'm sure you could argue for just about any pup you love will your whole heart, because they're all special in their own way. But, there is truly no denying German Shepherds make incredibly loyal companions. German Shepherds are one of the more common police dog breeds — and these partners truly have your back. Even just looking at pictures of German Shepherds can prove that these pups will really be your best friend furever.

Do you want a bestie who will work out with you? A German Shepherd will be totally game for it, running beside you on your morning jog. Are you looking for a BFF who will keep all of your secrets? German Shepherds will keep their barks to themselves. You want a best friend who will take your selfie game to a new level? Just imagine how much cuter your Insta pics will be with a fluffy BFF by your side. There's no denying that German Shepherds make great companions, but these 10 photos will prove they are the most loyal dogs you could ever take home.

The Happiest Pup You Ever Did See
uzi4youandyou on Twitter

Just looking at this dog's happy face will make you instantly melt. This pup seems down to play frisbee at the park, hit up the trails for a hike, or embrace a chill afternoon lounging on the hammock. You know a German Shepherd is game for it all, and will be tail wagging it the whole time.

This German Shepherd Is Just Waiting For You To Come Home
Marta Locklear/Stocksy

Don't worry, your BFF pup will watch your house while you're out. You didn't even have to ask him to — he just volunteered. That's a true bestie right there, going above and beyond.

Don't Take A Fence — This Pup Is Just Checking In
Oscar Lopez/Stocksy

Oh you know, nothing to see here. Just a best friend doggy checking in to make sure you're having a good day. Please keep going on with business as usual.

The Hills Are Alive With The Barks Of German Shepherds

If you're looking for adventure, look no further than this German Shepherd. He's proving that he can be the best travel companion you've ever seen. Not only is he down to go wherever, but he is also the first to have fun recreating the iconic scene from The Sound of Music on top of a grassy mountain.

German Shepherds Are Loyal From The Very Start
hannaakelseyy on Twitter

I can't handle the cuteness of this German Shepherd puppy. He already knows how to make my whole day at three months old with a simple tongue out, floppy ear look. I guess there will never be a ruff day at the office with a pup like this around.

You're Quackin' Me Up With Your Adorable Rubber Ducky
Giada Canu/Stocksy

Oh, German Shepherd, you're the one. You make backyard time lots of fun. Oh, German Shepherd, I could just waste every day with you, lounging in the backyard, basking in the sun.

German Shepherds Will Root For Your Team
grneydjerseygrl on Twitter

A German Shepherd's loyalty lies with you — so whatever team you're rooting for, they're rooting for as well. This pup is the prime example, who is rockin' an Eagles scarf for his human BFF. I will say, it should be ill-eagle for a pup to look this cute on game day.

This Pup's Just Checking In That Dinner Is Going Well
Giada Canu/Stocksy

He's not begging for food — just checking that everything is going OK in the kitchen. If it doesn't taste right, you can always throw down a scrap or two, and this pup will let you know what he thinks as well. Remember, he's just here to help. He's definitely not begging for food at the dinner table. All good manners here.

There's Snow Way This Pup Is Leaving Your Side
Jen Grantham/Stocksy

Excuse me pup, but you have some snow on your face. That's OK, because you're just having a fun day outside with your BFF. There's truly snowplace like being with your German Shepherd dog on a winter afternoon.

Eye Ruff You Doggy, I Do
Marta Locklear/Stocksy

When you look into the eyes of your best friend, you just know how much they care. When I look into the eyes of this pup, my heart is filled with so much joy. I know everything is going to be OK, and I'm pawsitive I'm in love.