10 People You Meet Before 30 Who Teach You The Most Underrated Life Lessons

Every new decade represents a different chapter in your life. Your 20s are a time to discover who you are, and what you want to do. Adulthood is finally here, and you're trying to balance it as best you can. Along the way, there are a few lessons you must learn, and it's the people who teach you life lessons you never knew you needed in your 20s who are the most invaluable of them all.

You know those special people in your life. They would be your supporting cast on your very own TV show. These are the people who have made an impact — whether you've noticed it or not. Of course, you have your obvious close friends and family members, but there are a few other people on this list of 10 people who you may never even thought about.

As you experience your late 20s, and onto your 30s, you'll soon realize that it was these special people who made you into the adult you are today. If you haven't had one of these people to teach you something yet, don't worry. They're coming. You'll find your people as you navigate life.

Your Best Friend
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Your best friend teaches quite a few life lessons from how to have fun, to how keep secrets. The biggest lesson of all is that of true friendship. Finding a best friend is a unique journey, because they're so rare. Once you've found someone who fills that PB to your J role, you finally learn what it means to have a "person."

Another Parent Figure In Your Life

In addition to your parents, this is the responsible figure in your life who looks out for you. They teach you so many practical things, support your goals and dreams endlessly, and always have your back.

That One Really Great Teacher

You might have had some incredible teachers over the years, but there's always that one who stuck with you. It may be the college professor who helped you realize your true potential. They could very well be the one mentor who sparked passion for your career.

Your Favorite Boss
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Out of all the jobs you've had, there's always that one that holds a special place because your boss was so awesome. They showed you all the qualities of being a good leader and mentor. They motivated you, helped you grow, and had your back. Now, you know what it takes to be worthy of Michael Scott's "World's Best Boss" mug.

The Ex-Crush Or SO
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Sure, falling in love is a good life lesson, but heartbreak can teach you more. You need that unrequited love or failed relationship to grow, because sometimes, it's the failures that give you more insight or make you stronger. Now, you might know exactly what you're looking for.

Your Roommate

In your 20s, you may end up living with several different roommates. You may come across the good, and the bad. It wasn't until I lived with other people when I learned to start taking on more responsibilities like cleaning up after myself. The roommates who aren't really your cup of tea will teach you things like conflict resolution. With each new roomie, you're one step closer to figuring our your ideal living situation.

The Brutally Honest Friend

Everyone needs that one brutally honest friend in their life. They are the ones who keep it real on the daily, and you can go to them for advice. They have that perfect combination of being direct, but with good intentions.

The One Friend You Can Trust

This is probably your best friend or maybe your sibling, but you need someone you can totally trust. You tell them all of your secrets, and since they're so good at keeping them, it makes you want to do the same. You're learning how to be just as trustworthy.

An Adorable Pet
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I could go on and on about my cat, because I love her so much. Pets are super important in teaching you how to care for and be responsible for someone other than yourself. There is nothing but undying love there, and that's super important to experience, whether it's with your own pet or just watching your friend's.

Your Office Wife Turned Bestie

Finding an office wife at work can be hard AF. You get along with your coworkers, but you might not really hang with any of them outside of the office. That's why working with an office wife who turns into a bestie is important. They're the one who has your back, and they teach you what it's like to be a good cheerleader.