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These Last-Minute Father's Day Gifts Will Seriously Rock Your Dad's World

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Are you scrambling to come up with the perfect Father's Day present for your dad or the dad figure in your life? That's OK. Many of us are in the same position, scouring the web for cookbooks, bluetooth speakers, hiking backpacks, and last-minute Father's Day 2020 gift ideas that'll arrive in the nick of time. On the same note, we're looking for new and exciting ways to spend the holiday with our dads, who deserve to be celebrated every day of the year. We're scheduling video chats with our siblings and prepping fun games to play, all in hopes that our day ones feel so special and loved.

In other words, you're in good company, and you can feel confident that you'll track down the perfect gift, despite being in a bit of a time crunch. You may need to run to the store (with your face mask on and your hand sanitizer in tow, of course) or spend time with your computer and credit card after work. You may need to select the "rush" option when ordering something online, or get a little crafty to make your gift feel personal. If you follow the right steps, your dad will have something sweet, useful, funny, or fashionable in his hands this weekend.

Here are 15 products you can order that you may or may not have been aware of before. Just do yourself a favor and head to checkout ASAP so your present can hopefully arrive in time.

A Hiking Backpack

Having a good, heavy-duty backpack is a must — especially if your a dad who likes to hike, climb, or go on adventures. Make sure your dad has one on-hand, and pick up this piece from Slim Pickins Outfitters. It'll allow him to carry all of his gear and snacks in one safe place.

A Powerful Speaker

Backyard barbecues and boat rides with your dad this summer will get a serious upgrade if you get him this booming speaker for Father's Day. It'll get the party started from the second your dad turns it on within its matching app.

A Luxurious Conditioner

Dads need to pamper themselves and leave their bathroom feeling confident in their hair and beauty #looks. That's where this luxurious leave-in conditioner from Melanin Haircare comes in. After gifting it to your number one, show him the brand's Instagram account where a dad's curls are given a moisturizing makeover.

A Beer-Brewing Kit

Does your dad enjoy cracking open a cold beer on the deck? If so, consider gifting him this starter kit that'll let him to brew his own concoctions at home. The bundle includes everything to make a premium Buckrider Belgium beer, and he'll just need to put in some water and sugar. (Be sure to buy bottles separately. They aren't included.)

A Chic Air Purifier

The air in your home needs to be cleaned, too. Gift your dad one of the niftiest devices on the market: this air purifier from Molekule. It's sleek and will look so good next to any picture frames, plants, or candles he has set up in a living room. Not to mention, it'll filter out any pollutants that linger in his air, and can be a great gift to split with siblings.

A Stylish Pair Of Swimshorts

These swim shorts are made of recycled materials, so they're a gift for your dad on this Father's Day and the planet. They also come in multiple prints, so you can find a pair that best matches your dad's style and personality. Whatever you pick out, he'll likely love wearing to the beach or on a #vacay.

A Couple Of Everyday Tees

An everyday tee is classic, like your dad. It goes with just about every outfit in his closet, and is bound to make him smile upon opening it. The tees from CUTS come in a wide variety of colors, so you can tailor your gift to your dad's closet. They also come with various collar designs to choose from.

A Sleek Shaving Set

If you get your dad a sleek shaving set like this one from Dollar Shave Club, you might make Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye very proud. Truth is, we love a pampering moment, and a kit like this has the works. It includes a prep scrub and shave butter so your dad can always feel his best.

A Tasty Sushi Making Kit

Make your dad's sushi dreams come true with this kit on Etsy. It's handmade and comes with essentials like a bamboo roller, paddle, and chopsticks. He may have some recipes in mind he wants to try, but if not, this kit comes with a cookbook. What more could you ask for out of a Father's Day gift?

A Beautiful Set Of Spaghetti Bowls

Gathering your family around the dinner table may be one of your dad's favorite traditions. If so, this beautiful set of Mutapo's Chinhoyi spaghetti bowls will speak to his soul. Each is handmade in Zimbabwe, and elevates any dining scene by adding history and talent to the table. To say the least, they'll be a big hit.