10 Hilarious Fails You & Your Sister Have Definitely Experienced Together

Sisters go through so much together. You have your ups, your downs, and even your most epic fails. Luckily for those minor (and hilarious) missteps, your sister is the number one person you'd want to experience them with. She is your best friend and number one confidant, so any embarrassing moment you know will be kept safe with her. But let's be honest: the hilarious fails you and you sister have experienced together have turned into some of your favorite memories.

As much as I'd like to try to be without fail, I have definitely slipped up from time to time. Whether it's wearing the same outfit, texting the wrong person, or getting caught by the parentals, you and your sis have likely gone through every epic fail in the book. Though, it could be worse. Thankfully, you're #blessed to have your sister by your side to laugh it all off with. Instead of your face turning red from embarrassment, it's from laughing so hard you're on the brink of crying.

Looking back on it now, these 10 hilarious fails all turned into great moments I was able to share with my sister. Even though they are fails, you wouldn't change them for the world. (Well, maybe just a little bit.)

When You Tried To Sneak Out, But Immediately Got Caught By Dad (100 Times)

Sometimes, curfew was seriously unfair, and you and your sis knew that. You tried to break out of the house like they do in the movies, but it always resulted in an epic fail. Either the floorboards would creak underneath your feet, or Dad would be waiting in a chair downstairs to catch you. Oh well, at least you got to keep each other company in the house.

When You Got Caught Wearing Each Other's Clothes Without Asking Permission

One of the best parts about having a sister is getting to share clothes — though sometimes, you forget to ask permission first. In the days of Snapchat and Instagram stories, it's so easy to get caught wearing your sister's sweater that you may or may not have asked to borrow. Oops!

When You Got Each Other The Same Gift For The Holidays

You and your sister have no problem shopping for each other. You are excellent gift givers, but sometimes, that means you accidentally get each other the same thing. When I've unwrapped Christmas gifts in the past, there have been times when the really cool, totally unique gift I got my sis was actually the same thing she got me. It's a Christmas mira-fail.

When Your Parents Found Out You Took The Car

Sneaking out or even skipping school for the day was always a fun secret to keep between two sisters. The only problem was when your parents found out later that you took the car, because you forgot to fill up the gas tank or accidentally left the radio on the wrong station. At least you had each other to suffer the consequences together.

When You Got Caught Twinning With Each Other

When you and your sister were little, your parents dressed you in coordinating outfits. As you got older, you wouldn't be caught dead wearing the same thing. That's why it hurts even more when you both show up to the same event wearing the exact same outfit. I guess you could chalk it up to great minds think alike?

When You Accidentally Texted Your Sister And Meant To Text Mom

Heated, in the moment texting is always a dangerous thing. You're so quick to vent that you don't always double check who you're sending your texts to. Remember that one time when you meant to text Mom to complain about your sis, but ended up texting her instead? This is when you have to use your best crisis management skills.

When You Jumped To Conclusions And Blamed Each Other

My sister has definitely "borrowed" a lot of my things without asking permission, and that's my only excuse as to why I have blamed her for almost everything that goes missing in my room. I will admit that sometimes, it's not missing. I just haven't looked everywhere.

Thankfully, your sis is a very accepting person when you jump to conclusions and blame her. She's probably even done it to you before. So, all is forgiven.

When You Didn't Sync Up Your Stories For Mom And Dad

Sisters are great at keeping secrets. Though, you do need to sync up your stories first. If your mom and dad are questioning you both separately on who broke the lamp in the living room, it's best to be on the same page with your alibis.

When You Tried To Bake Together

Baking parties with your sis are always a fun time. You love decorating cookies together for Christmas and making sweets with Grandma when you visit her. For all of the good results you have, there have also been times of some seriously epic fails. Now, you both laugh at those salty, rock-hard muffins you made together when you mixed up the sugar and salt. (Even though at the time, you both were cringing from the horrible taste.)

When Your Mom Posted An Embarrassing Throwback Pic

Parents mean well, they really do, but sometimes they do things that are just embarrassing AF. Throwback pics can either be hilariously wonderful or an epic nightmare. When your mom posts a #TBT to the 'Gram of you and your sis on vacation, you need to get the final photo approval first. Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen.