10 Halloween Traditions To Start With Your Bestie Now For A Hauntingly Good Fall

Halloween is all about pumpkins, haunted houses, Insta-worthy costumes, and eating as much candy corn as possible. When it comes to those particularly festive activities, there's no one else you'd rather do them with than your best friend. She's the PB to your J, or better yet, the pumpkin spice to your latte. You spend so much time together that you're practically family, which means you should kick off the season by starting some of your very own holiday traditions. If you don't already have a few of your own, I came up with some Halloween traditions to start with your best friend this year.

Every fall activity on your to-do list needs to be checked off with your BFF by your side. You already have things like pumpkin carving and watching Hocus Pocus on the agenda, but just like your friendship, you can make these events unique to you. By adding in a few bestie-only details, you turn a fun time into a special BFF moment you'll want to continue for years to come.

Halloween only comes once a year, and you don't want to waste a single moment. That's why you and your BFF need to start these 10 Halloween traditions ASAP for a truly hauntingly good fall.

Take Before And After Selfies In Your Costumes

I don't need to be the one to tell you that snapping a selfie together in your costumes is mandatory. Make sure to take a before and after pic that'll show how much fun you really had on All Hallows' Eve. Put those two snaps side-by-side, and caption your post with, "If you got it, haunt it."

Hit Up The Pumpkin Patch And Pick Out The Cutest Jack-O-Lanterns
Chelsea Victoria/Stocksy

Every squad's planning a trip to the pumpkin patch. With all of the cute Instagram opportunities, there's no wonder why it's a bucket list staple in the fall.

You and your bestie can make it a fun trip by going with the mission of picking out a pumpkin for each other to carve (and roast the seeds for snack) later on. Make it a contest to find the most perfect pumpkins in the group.

Have A Girls' Night In With Your Favorite Candy And Scary Movies

The list of Halloween movies you need to watch this time of year is endless. Throwbacks like Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, and The Nightmare Before Christmas are obvious choices, so plan a girls' night in to stream all of your faves. Pop some kettle corn (because it's festive) and serve up some Halloween candy.

Plan The Greatest Bestie Costume Of All Time

Before you start planning your Halloween costume, you must check in with your bestie to see what she has in mind. Individual costumes are fun, but you'd much rather have bestie costumes like Cher and Dionne from Clueless or Mike and Sulley from Monsters, Inc. Who knows, you may be totally blanking on ideas, and hearing what she has planned could give you all the inspiration you need.

Go Thrift Shopping For Costume Essentials

If you're broke AF, buying a brand new costume each year for Halloween can be a bit much. That's why getting thrifty is the way to go, and there's no one you'd rather go shopping with than your best friend. Hit up a bunch of thrift stores to look for everything you need, and everything else you can DIY with YouTube tutorials during a craft and wine night (if you're 21 or older).

Get Your Spook On At A Haunted House Or Two

If you're both Halloween lovers, you probably love a good scare. That's why a haunted house is a perfect fall activity. But even though you may be into all things scary, that doesn't mean you don't need anyone by your side. You'll feel a million times braver holding onto your bestie's hand as ghosts and goblins pop out at you.

Dance It Out To "Thriller" When You're Getting Ready On Halloween

Getting into your costume on Halloween night can be a tradition on its own. You and your bestie can plan on getting ready together at one of your apartments. Stream a Halloween playlist with songs like "Thriller" and the "Monster Mash," and dance the night away.

Bake Every Pumpkin-Flavored Recipe You Can Find On Pinterest

This time of year is known to some as the time of pumpkin spice-flavored everything. From pumpkin spice muffins to even pumpkin spice pasta, the options are endless.

If it's pumpkin, you want to try it, so find a few unique pumpkin recipes on Pinterest, and have a baking party with your BFF. Whether you nail it or not, you'll definitely want to post your goods on the 'Gram to give your followers pumpkin to talk about.

Get A Little Witchy And Light Some Spell Candles

'Tis the season of witches and magic, so why not get a little witchy yourselves? Even if you don't believe in wands and wizards, you can still have some Halloween fun by going shopping for crystals and lighting a couple of cool candles from Etsy. If anything, you're just two basic witches having a hauntingly good time.

Have A Wine And Ouija Night

Wine nights are likely a tradition the two of you keep up with on the regular, so for Halloween, make things festive. Call in the spirits while drinking your favorite bottle of merlot. Break out the ouija board, and if either of you have your own tarot deck, you could even read each other's cards.