A stylish couple kisses their husky while hanging out by a lake in the middle of winter.
10 Gifts From Your Pet To Your SO That'll Make Everyone Say, "Aww"


The holidays are here, and every member of your family is feeling merry and bright. Your partner might be getting into the spirit of things by baking snowman-shaped cookies on the weekends, and your sweet pet may be sporting a headband with reindeer antlers. There are even gifts from your pet to your SO under the tree that'll make everyone say, "Aww!"

These are the gifts with tags that read, "To the best owner" or "With love from Peanut," and instantly make your SO smile and laugh. They're usually wrapped in paper that's covered in paw prints or totally decked out with treats. (The human kind, of course.) On the merriest day of the year, they're the first ones to be opened because everyone is curious to see what's inside.

Will your pup have gifted a pack of festive socks, or your cat have found the best deal on a grow-your-own succulent kit for your SO? That's for your love to find out while you sip hot chocolate and wait for their amazing reaction. Nearby, your pet will be anxiously wagging their tail or meowing as the paper tears and the present is revealed.

Here are 10 gifts your pet could give to your partner that'll definitely make them light up and say, "That's adorable."

This Corgi Heating Pad

The first of these gifts is a corgi heating pad. It's made for the chilly winter days when your partner wants to curl up on the couch and watch Disney+, or for when they're not feeling very well. It'll keep them toasty and remind them that they're so incredibly loved.

This Ceramic Cat Planter

If your partner is really into gardening or loves having plants in their home, then this cat-inspired planter is the perfect gift for them. They'll unwrap it and want to rush to the store to pick up some new succulents, or rearrange the flowers that are already on their windowsills.

This Hot Dog Tea Infuser

Picture this: It's a snow day, and you and your SO are cuddled up on the couch. In one hand, your partner is reading a book, and in the other, they're holding a mug of tea with this adorable wiener dog-shaped infuser hanging on the rim. You'll think to yourself, "Does it get much better than this?"

This Bunny Cable Bite

When it comes to phone chargers, you and your SO may always ask each other, "Is this yours or mine?" It may not matter, but wouldn't it be nice to give your partner this cute cable bite to fix the problem? If nothing else, it'll create some giggles during the holidays and be a whimsical gift for your pet to gift.

This Leopard Print Passport Holder

One of the things you and your SO may love most is taking your pet on adventures. So, it makes sense that your pet would give your partner this leopard passport holder. It suggests there are more adventures to come — some of which might take place around the world.

These Hedgehog Slippers

Anything with a hedgehog on it will make your SO say, "Aww!" But these slippers might take their joy to the next level. With sleepy eyes and a little puffy nose, they'll upgrade your love's usual lounge attire.

This Dachshund Necklace

Don't go dachshund through the snow and mall parking lots looking for the perfect gift for your pet to give your SO. This dainty gold necklace with a dachshund charm from the LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl's exists, and it'll make your partner feel so special and loved.

This Cute AirPods Case

If your SO is getting AirPods this season or already has a pair, then they need this cute case. It looks exactly like a tiny pig who's blushing at the sight of your partner. It comes in other styles too, including a heart and a bear.

This Rainbow Tamagotchi Game

Anything from the '90s might be your partner's jam. They love the music, fashion, and trends of the decade. That's why they'll love getting this rainbow Tamagotchi game from your pet for the holidays. It'll let them channel their inner '90s kid and take a walk down Nostalgia Lane.

This Symbolic Penguin Adoption Kit

This emperor penguin chick adoption kit is a caring and thoughtful gift that'll make your partner feel like they're doing their part in the world. Head to the World Wildlife Fund's website to view the entire kit that comes along with it, and see what other kinds of animals you can "adopt" too — from a polar bear, to a giraffe, to a beluga whale, and more.