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Your Sorority Sisters Will Absolutely Love Any Of These 10 Etsy Gifts Under $20

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It can be stressful to find the right gift during the holidays, especially when you're working within a budget. Your sorority sisters deserve something very personal and special, just like they are. Luckily, these gifts for your sorority sisters on Etsy under $20 are so thoughtful and won't break the budget. So fear not, because you can shop Etsy and find your sisters the perfect gifts this year.

Your sorority sisters are 100 present amazing, and you want your gifts to show them how much you appreciate having them in your life. We've rounded up these gift ideas on Etsy that will have every one of your friends covered. For your The Bachelorette-obsessed bestie, a customized wine tumblr will make their next watch night a truly memorable evening. For your artsy BFF, an artsy pair of earrings will top off their look. Need something on the luxurious end? There are Swarovski crystal hair ties on Etsy that are perfectly chic for your fashion-forward friend.

After you're done shopping and wrapping, your sorority sisters are sure to be be omega fans of your creative ideas. So, to secure your place on the present throne, check out these gifts for your sorority sisters on Etsy under $20.

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This Customizable Water Tumblr Provides A Cool New Sip

Your sorority sister can sip in style with a personalized tumbler. You can consider buying one for each sister in your house with each sister's name, or decal one for your Big or Little with your Greek letters. The rose gold and marble color options make these tumblers so Insta-worthy.

This Shower Steamer Is So Luxe

Treat your sister to a lavender-scented shower steamer. These steamers are a unique alternative to bath bombs, as they release aromatherapy and essential oils into the shower. Your sister is sure to thank you for this added touch to their at-home spa treatment.

This Pair Of Impressionist Art Earrings Are Chic AF

For your sister who loves museums, art history, and all things artsy, these earrings are the perfect gift. Modeled after a famous impressionist painting, these artistic earrings are made from recycled eucalyptus wood board, so they're sure to steal the show.

This Personalized Wine Glass Puts The "Happy" In Happy Hour

The next time your sister sits down to watch the latest episode of the The Bachelorette, they can sip in style. A personalized wine glass will pair so nicely with their evening viewing that your sister will be sure to grab a snap for the 'gram with a caption like, "Who's getting tonight's rosé?"

These Celestial Earrings Will Leave Your Sister Starstruck

For a friend who knows everybody's birth chart and loves a good tarot deck, gift them a pair of these celestial earrings. Once they see how these earrings sparkle in the light, your sorority sister is sure to be over the moon.

This Body Scrub Set Is A Skincare Staple

Your bestie will be thanking you over this body scrub set. After a hard-earned workout, they can ease their skin with an essential oil-scented sugar scrub. Choose two scents from several options like lavender peppermint or spearmint to gift your sis a sweet skincare treat.

This Crystal-Studded Hair Tie Sparkles

Your sister is going to gush over these personalized, crystal-studded hair ties. A hair elastic like no other, these ties come with Swarovski crystals on them. Your sister is sure to love them, because diamonds are a girl's best friend, after all.

This Custom Satin And Lace Robe Is Glamour At Its Finest

Nothing says luxury more than a satin robe. Gift your sister the perfect lavish gift with a lace-trimmed robe that'll take their self care days up a notch. When they have their next wine-down, they won't be able to resist taking a photo for the 'gram.

This Hot Cocoa Candle Is Peak Cozy

No one can pull off cozy season quite like your sorority sister. For your sis who loves Christmas candles, loungewear, and snuggling up to the fireplace, this hot cocoa candle is sure to light up their night and fire up their festive spirit — not that they needed any help in that department.

This Audrey Hepburn Pencil Set Is A Study Sesh At Tiffany's

Studying isn't the most fun activity, but it can be way more entertaining with bougie accessories. Let your sister study in style with these Audrey Hepburn quote pencils. The color scheme of these pencils will pair perfectly with an all-pink look.

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