10 ‘Game Of Thrones’-Inspired Wedding Photos You’ll Want To Khalee-See RN

At this point, it's no secret that Game of Thrones fans everywhere are still coming to terms with the fact that the award-winning show is over. Fortunately, enthusiasts are constantly finding new ways to keep the beloved characters alive in their hearts. Some devotees even paid tribute to the show by incorporating elements of the series into their weddings, and the results are absolutely magical. These Game of Thrones-inspired wedding photos are almost too good to be true, and make it clear that even though the story's finished, the connection it fostered with fans is so real.

When it comes to planning a themed wedding, figuring out how to weave in the right amount of inspired elements isn't always easy. While some might envision all GOT everything, others may prefer a more subtle approach. Either way, there's something undeniably whimsical about the ways these creative couples were able to share their love for GOT on their special day. Not only are the details gorgeous, but the overall styling makes for some seriously enchanting energy. So, if tying the knot at Winterfell is on your list of to-do's, here are some Game of Thrones-worthy wedding moments that will take your breath away.

The Magic Is So Real.
Melissa Chapman Photography

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this stunning photo? Everything from the soft lighting to the bride's Khaleesi-inspired hairstyle is serving up some amazing GOT realness.

Yes, Please.
Cody James Barry

Where do I even begin? Not only does the groom legit look like John Snow, but the real snow makes for a striking backdrop. Winter is here, and I'm loving every second of it. And let's not forget the real MVP, the adorable Great Dane Direwolf.

So Majestic.
Aurora Adeleigh Photography

I can't think of a more perfect rock to be perched on in full GOT garb, can you? Plus, the groom scored some major brownie points with that sword.

This Pooch Is The Real Star.
Kivus & Camera

In case you're on the fence about having your dog featured in your wedding, this adorable pup is here to remind you why it's pretty much mandatory. Also, that garland collar is clutch.

These Details Are Spot On.
Katy Weaver Photography

These two prove that sometimes less is more when it comes to borrowing stylistic influences. The fur pelts, lighting, and table-settings give off an effortlessly dreamy and whimsical vibe.

I'm Crying.
Wild Rumpus Photography

This chic duo isn't messing around. Honestly, they're so in character, for a second I thought this was Sophie Turner.

This Bride Is Definitely Khaleesi-fied.
Snowy River Images

Just look at that lacey boho-chic dress and crystal crown. Another great example of how a few understated details can be more than enough to set the tone.

This Wintery Wonderland Is Too Cute.
Innayas Photography

If keeping your attire traditional is more your style, it's also possible to bring themed influences into the venue. That rustic wood table and wintery florals add a romantic and elegant touch that's very King's Landing.

Loving The Drama.
Hallie Kohler

These two newlyweds make it clear that wedding photos also present a fun opportunity to use your relationship to tell a story.

This Duo Is Definitely On Point.
Quinn Ung Photography

This bride's perfectly wind-swept fishtail pony deserves a moment of silence, as does her bouquet and serene expression. Also loving this major Khaleesi/Drogo moment circa Season 2.

If these Game of Thrones-inspired wedding photos don't make you want to drag bae to the nearest alter (or castle!), IDK what will. Whether you're going for a full-blown themed wedding extravaganza or just want to give a low-key nod to one of your favorite shows, you can't go wrong.