10 Fun Day Dates To Keep The Squad Tight When You're Deep Into Adulting

Let's be honest: The adulting game isn't always easy. Don't get me wrong — you're crushing juggling a busy work schedule, keeping your apartment fresh, staying on top of chores, paying your bills, and still making time to hang out with your friends. Though, you really wish you could do more of the latter. You love your squad to the moon and back, and you don't want your work schedule to get in the way of that, so you're looking for more fun day date ideas for friends.

After getting your friends' schedules together, you may have realized the best time to make plans is on the weekend during the day. Before you got deep into adulting, your go-to might have been hitting up the bars until the early morning, or staying up all night long watching rom-coms over pizza. Now, you're exhausted from a long week of meetings, chores, and other commitments, that your body's ready to catch some serious Z's a little earlier.

A day date it is, and these 10 hangout ideas are just as fun as your previous adventures. Some might even be beneficial for the working girl who's looking to turn her friend hang into something totally productive. All you know is that squad comes first, even when you're adulting.

Sign Up For A Cooking Class

Since you're on top of your game, you may be cooking more and more meals at home. You've tried your hand at a bunch of different recipes already, so why not sign up for a cooking class with your friends to learn a few new favorites? Not only will you be able to show off your skills in the kitchen, but you'll be spending quality time with your crew. That's a double win right there.

Take A Saturday Morning Yoga Class
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It's difficult AF to get up early on a Saturday morning, especially after working a full week. That's why you need to motivate yourself to start your weekend off right by signing up for a yoga class with your besties. You'll be saying namast-hey to your friends, and getting into the right mindset for a fun-filled weekend ahead.

Host A Boozy Brunch At Your Place
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Brunch is a must for any crew, but now that you're an adult, you may not feel like waiting a few hours for a table at the hottest spot in town. Instead, consider hosting a brunch of your own at home. You can use those cooking skills you've mastered to serve up tasty dishes for everyone to try, along with cute cocktails that were made for the 'Gram.

Treat Yourself To A Mani And Pedi
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You're a girl boss who deserves to treat herself, and what better way to relax than with a manicure and pedicure? Schedule some time with your girlfriends to get your nails done. Also, splurge for the extras like a chair massage and maybe even champagne to make the most of this squad time.

Drop By A Coffee Class To Learn How To Make A Better Brew

I don't know about you, but coffee is what gets me through the work week. I can't go a day without my java.

If your squad is the same way, you'll seriously love taking a barista class. Places like Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea offer classes for you to learn how to craft the tastiest cup.

Volunteer At An Animal Shelter For A Pawsitively Fun Time

Let's be real: Nothing makes you smile more than a sweet pup, so use your squad time to volunteer at a local animal shelter. You'll make new furry friends, while walking, cuddling, and spending time with them. Sounds like a fur real fun time to me.

Stroll Through The Local Farmers Market For Some Seriously Fresh Finds
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On the weekends, there are usually a farmers market or two that you can find in your area. Take a stroll around with your friends as you shop for fresh produce and stop to smell the roses — literally! You'll never know what gems you may find.

Plan A Picnic In The Park

If you work in a cubicle all day long, you likely long for some fresh air and sunshine on your days off. Plan a picnic in the park with your besties. Make it a potluck where everyone can whip up a delicious, favorite dish. When you're done eating, you can play a game or just relax on a blanket and take in the scenic #views.

Catch A Matinee Movie
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I love catching matinee movies on the weekends. It's usually cheaper, which is great for anyone who's trying to save in the bank. Plus, the theater is usually less crowded during the day, so it can be like a little private screening for just you and your best friends.

Stop By An Insta Museum To Get New Content For The 'Gram
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A museum is always a great idea for a day date. Any museum will do, but one that has Instagrammable moments is the real deal.

Dive into a pool of sprinkles at the Museum of Ice Cream, or have an egg-cellent time at The Egg House. Then, when you're on your lunch break at work the next week, you can share throwbacks of your squad on Insta to show how much fun you had with them.