8 Telltale Signs Your Group Is In It For The Long Haul Through Thick & Thin

If you live by the motto, "Squad comes first," there's no denying that you love your friends more than the world. Whenever you have any scoop to dish, you text your group chat to let them know before anyone else. Your weekends are spent chilling or going on spontaneous adventures with them. And I can guarantee you, if you check your Instagram right now, it's pic after pic of your favorite people on your feed. You love your friends, which is why you may be wondering how to know if your group is in it for the long run.

First of all, the fact that you're thinking about forever is already a positive sign. You want to make sure that the "forever" in your BFF pledge is as true as it gets. You know every friend group is all about living it up, but you also know there's so much more to it than that if you're willing to last.

If you're looking for the signs, look for no further than these eight indicators that your crew is all in. If your group is checking off every box, then you can sit back and relax knowing that you've got everything that #squadgoals are made of.

You Celebrate All The Milestones

If you're already celebrating major milestones together, that's a pretty good sign you're in it for the long haul. Of course, I'm talking about every birthday, job promotion, engagement, bachelorette party, and wedding in between. You want your forever crew there for the big moments you'll always remember.

You Support Each Other Through The Good Times, And The Not-So-Good Ones, Too

A good friend group isn't just there for the good times — they need to stick by you through any rough patches, too. You know you've got a solid group when you can go to any of them for a shoulder to cry on, or someone to vent to. They know just what to say to help lift your spirits up.

You Plan The Most Epic Adventures
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If you're planning a trip or vacation, and the first people you think to invite are your best friends, you know they're important AF to you. You want them there to experience every grand adventure with you. Plus, if you can travel together, I'm pretty sure you can stay together.

You Already Have Some Pretty Great Traditions

Traditions are important to a friend group that wants to stick together forever. You might even have some fun ones already going, like karaoke on Valentine's Day or naughty and nice gift exchanges for Christmas. If you already have fun traditions in place, it means you plan on sticking around for the long run.

Each Member Of The Group Has Her Strengths

The best part about your friend group is that you work so well together, but you individually have your own strengths. You likely have the friend who always makes you laugh, the one who's a great listener, and the one who's always down for a new adventure. Individually you're amazing, and together, you're like the Avengers of best friends.

You Have A Pretty Solid Group Chat Going Down
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Your group chat is always going off, because anytime there's something to say, you hit up your best friends first and foremost. Communication is key, and you know you've got that down. It even proves that no matter the distance, your group is going strong — especially with an endless about of Gifs.

You Cheer Each Other On For Big Wins

You need a good group that's willing to push you to be the best version of yourself. That means they always have your back, and are there to support as you go for that big job promotion or asking out your crush on a date. They only want the best for you, and that's a cheer squad you never want to lose.

You Don't Always Need To "Do" Something When You're Together
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I like to test a friendship by how comfortable we are with silence. If I'm able to just have a quiet, chill hang at home with a friend, and not feel pressured to be out and about doing something, I know we're on a next level. That means you're comfortable enough in your relationship that you don't need anything else other than just you and your friends for a good time.