Daphne and her mom embroider on a lavish couch in their drawing room in 'Bridgerton.'
10 Embroidery TikToks That'll Have You Crafting 'Bridgerton'-Style

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TikTok continues to rock it as a never-ending source for all things craft and design inspo. This time around, embroidery tutorials on TikTok are needling their way onto everyone's For You page because of all the Bridgerton hype and love, and you don't want to miss out on these awesome designs. As a DIY lover, you'll be absolutely blown away by the fun night of crafting these tutorials can have in store for you. You'll feel as though you're embroidering away in the drawing room with the entire Bridgerton fam.

Embroidery is such an easy way to revamp pieces you currently have at home. With just the right embroidery TikTok tutorial, you can take a plain old tee and turn it into a cool piece that reps your favorite band. Or, use the line art method to decorate your empty wall space with elegant silhouettes. Whichever video you opt to follow, these embroidery TikToks will totally inspire your next home project and freshen up your space or look.

And the stitch on top of the canvas? Embroidery is a super simple craft to get started with. You'll need yarn, embroidery needles ($3, Michaels), an embroidery hoop ($2, Michaels), and a drawing or print-out of your chosen design. Once you stitch your new, artfully decorated tote bag together, you'll want to show it off on the 'gram. Your followers will be so impressed at your designs that they may even ask for one of your hand-made originals.

Before you know it, you'll have a whole new wardrobe of one-of-a-kind sweatshirts and face masks, all thanks to these embroidery tutorials on TikTok.

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This Tutorial Creates A Dreamy Landscape

A vibrant sunset will come to life in your embroidered creation with this TikTok tutorial. After putting your cloth in the embroidery hoop and tightening it up, sketch out a dreamy landscape and thread your needle. Then, flip your cloth over, tighten up the frame, and begin embroidering. Soon enough, this vibrant DIY will transport you to your favorite golden hour spot.

This Tutorial Makes Mini Mushroom Earrings

These mushroom earrings are cute AF. If your vibe is cottagecore, you'll want to check out this TikTok tutorial. Start by sketching out two heart shapes onto your fabric, and then draw some mushrooms inside each of the hearts. After embroidering your patterns onto the fabric, cut out each outline. Grab your wooden heart hoops ($7, Amazon) and glue your embroidered fabric pieces onto each of them.

This Tutorial Teaches The Stem Stitch

To add texture and 3D qualities to your embroidery project, consider using the stem stitch. This pattern is great for sewing stems of flowers and plants, as it spirals around itself for added flair. Your embroidery is sure to be on needlepoint once you master this fancy spiral effect.

This Tutorial Teaches The Turkey Work Stitch

Your embroidery project will have such cozy vibes with this turkey work tutorial. The fluffy texture in this stitch will give a cozy blanket look to your design. Although this pattern is a longer stitch to learn, this TikToker breaks it down into three easy parts so you can be sewing your pattern in no time.

This Tutorial Creates A Floral Nike Logo

You may have seen this embroidered Nike logo all over TikTok and Instagram and wondered where everyone was getting these awesome Nike clothes. You can finally stop wondering, because this embroidery tutorial will teach you the ropes on how to create a floral nike logo. Your sweatshirts will get a chic upgrade after you transfer your flower power onto them.

This Tutorial Shows How To Embroider A Tote Bag

Canvas tote bags are always in style, but that doesn't mean you can't revamp them every now and then. To learn how to embroider directly onto your bag, this TikTok tutorial will show you how to make the coolest tote ever.

This Tutorial Uses The Line Art Method

If you're looking for an easy way to decorate your walls, the line art embroidery tutorial is here to help with that. Your empty wall space will resemble an art gallery once you hang up one of your embroidered silhouettes on them.

All you need is a canvas board, paint, yarn, and your design. Trace your design onto the canvas by poking holes with your needle, and sew along the holes with the yarn. It's as simple as that.

This Tutorial Is Detailed AF

If you are a total beginner to embroidery, this TikTok tutorial guides you through each stage of the process. From gathering all the tools you need to begin, to aftercare for your embroidered clothing, this comprehensive tutorial will make you an expert embroiderer in no time.

This Tutorial Teaches The Satin Stitch For Straight Edges

Use the satin stitch to achieve neat and clean lines in your embroidery. For this stitch, start at the bottom of your design and work your way up. As you fill in your shape, be sure to work in the same direction with an equal amount of tension in your sewing for straight and parallel lines.

This Tutorial Revamps A Face Mask

Give your face masks a personalized touch by embroidering your favorite designs onto them. Using this TikTok tutorial as your guide, you can learn to embroider hearts and other emojis onto your masks so you can stay safe and chic.

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