A Maleficent green drink with chocolate horns sits on a table decorated for Halloween.
10 Spooktacular Disney Drinks That Are Here For Halloween Sippin'

Cheers, witches, because Halloween is right around the corner. As you finalize your Oct. 31 plans, you might want to add some Disney Halloween drink recipes on YouTube to your menu. From Hocus Pocus to the Haunted Mansion, Disney knows just how to raise your spirits this time of year with tales of witches, ghosts, and pumpkin kings. As you watch (or rewatch) these Halloween classics on Disney+, sip some specialty beverages inspired by some of your favorite Disney films and characters.

Plan a spooky movie night outdoors with your roomies. Lay out a ton of cozy blankets to cuddle with as you watch the Sanderson sisters take on Salem under the stars. Don't forget to wash down your pumpkin spice popcorn with a witch's brew potion cocktail.

If you have plans to have an intimate Halloween get-together in your backyard, be sure to have some Jack and Sally-inspired shots that your guests can enjoy. These 10 Disney Halloween drink recipes can even be savored at home when you simply want to treat yourself after a long day of carving pumpkins, apple picking, and putting together epic boo baskets for your BFFs. They'll be sure to satisfy your ghoulish cravings in the most magical and Instagram-worthy way.

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This 'Hocus Pocus' Potion Is Downright Brewtiful

Inspired by the Sanderson sisters' brew, this cocktail is green and vibrant AF. You'll need lime juice, orgeat, Midori, gin, and rum to create this potion in your very own kitchen. Serve each in a glass vial like the one in the film, and you've got yourself fun individual drinks for all your best witches to savor.

This 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Cocktail Is Bone-Chilling Good

Looking for a punch bowl-style cocktail to serve on Halloween? Well, this tutorial includes a pumpkin king punch that's inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas. Serve it up in a large black cauldron, and be sure to have skeleton cups ($20, ready for sippin' that look just like Jack Skellington.

These Jack And Sally Shots Are "Simply Meant To Be" On The 'Gram

Give these Jack and Sally shots a shot. They're each made with pumpkin pudding and cream, but the Jack is mixed with spiced rum and the Sally is mixed with creme de cacao and blue curacao to obtain Sally's signature blue look. Together, these drinks make the perfect pair to enjoy on Halloween and post on your Insta feed.

You Won't Be A "Poor Unfortunate Soul" With This Ursula Cocktail

Be inspired by your favorite Disney villains this spooky time of year. If your fave Disney villain is Ursula, mix up this purple cocktail that looks just like the sea witch herself. Take your drink to the next level with a garnish from the movie. Use a shell silicone mold ($13, to make golden chocolate toppings for your cocktail that'll resemble Ursula's magical necklace.

This LeFou's Brew Comes Straight From The Magic Kingdom

It'll feel like you've journeyed to the Magic Kingdom with this copycat LeFou's Brew recipe. You can usually find this frozen apple juice at Gaston's Tavern in Disney World, but with this recipe, you can also enjoy it at home. Serve your drinks in a wooden beer mug ($23, so it really feels like you're truly chilling in the tavern and singing about Gaston on Halloween.

Sip This Poison Apple Cocktail, If You Dare

If you asked your magic mirror on the wall, it would probably tell you this is the tastiest cocktail of them all. Inspired by the poison apple that the Evil Queen conjures in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, this drink tastes like apple cider and sparkles like magic.

The shine comes from edible luster dust ($7, that you mix into the drink. In order to see the golden glow in your Instagram videos, pour your spooktacular concoction into a skeleton hand wine glass ($6,

This Maleficent Cocktail Sparkles Like Magic

Another drink that sparkles is this Maleficent cocktail that, according to the recipe, also uses edible shimmer dust ($11, This purple drink that's inspired by the dark fairy herself can even be served with a purple sugar rim ($8, to make it pop even more.

This Creamy Maleficent Cocktail Looks Wicked Tasty

Be sure to include this creamy Maleficent cocktail in your Halloween plans. For garnishing, this tutorial tops off the violet drink with bat nuts ($5, that look just like Maleficent's horns.

This Maleficent Mocktail Is A Spooktacular Sip

If you're looking for a spooky-cool mocktail, try whipping up this Maleficent sip from Disney Eats. Unlike the other two Maleficent drinks, this one is green. It also comes with a tutorial on how to make chocolate-covered candy orange slices for Maleficent's horns.

This Haunted Mansion Cocktail Will Get You In The Spirit Of The SZN

You'll be grim-grinning with every sip you take of this delicious Haunted Mansion cocktail. While the Haunted Mansion has 999 happy haunts, this drink only has five spirits: tequila, rum, vodka, gin, and blue curacao. After mixing everything together, you'll have a spooky black drink that's perfect for celebrating on Halloween.