10 Dirty Talk Phrases For Seasoned Pros That Will Both Delight & Surprise Your Partner
by Ginny Hogan

Maybe you've been dirty talking for a while. You've used all the classics — "oh baby" and "give it to me" and "that feels amazing" (fine, those examples might not be the most original, but basics work). You're ready to take things to the next level. If you're looking for dirty talk phrases for seasoned pros, look no future. I've compiled a list of the sexiest, dirtiest, and absolute best phrases to say to a partner who thinks they've heard everything. You can use these on someone you've been having sex with regularly for years or something you just met — they're going to love it nonetheless. As long as someone likes dirty talk and feels comfortable with it, you're going to have a blast.

As a writer, my one gripe with dirty-talking is that it can feel like the same phrases are used over and over. To be fair, the lack of variety mostly comes on my end (I mean, does that really feel "so good", or could I have racked my brain for something more original, like "super duper good"). Still, I decided to take things up a notch with the last few people I've slept with, and I've been thrilled with the results. Dirty talk can add a lot to a sexual experience. If you say something they've never heard before, they might be turned on in a whole new way.

Read on to find 10 dirty talk phrases that will absolutely delight your partner, even if they think they've heard everything.

"You Have The Most Dexterous Tongue"

"Dexterous" is a fun word that makes me think of the serial killer show Dexter (win-win). Compliment your partner on the dexterity of their tongue and you'll spice things up in the bedroom, just in time to tune into the next episode.

"You Make Me Wetter Than A Rainforest"

"You make me so wet" is solid but simple. Try to switch it up with a fun rainforest metaphor — all the same benefits, plus, your partner will think about going on vacation, which always turns me on.

"I'm Ready To Take You Into The Fourth Dimension"

In all likelihood, you won't actually make it to the fourth dimension (I personally have never been). Still, adding hyperbole is a great way to spice up your sex life — I literally could not recommend it more!

"You Make Me Squirm With Pleasure"

Let them know the eroticism is so hot you're uncomfortable. Much like me when I'm in an infrared sauna — I'm squirmy, but I love it, and the second I leave, I'll miss it.

"It's Almost Like You're In Too Deep"

This is a fun, flirty one that lets them know you're having such a good time you're almost afraid. Don't worry, no one's going to get lost inside you (according to my gynecologist), and if they do, at least you'll have a great story.

"I'm Hungrier For You Than Jon Snow Is For Daenerys"

A Game of Thrones reference turns everybody on — even the people who don't watch the show, because then they'll start thinking, "wait, should I watch that show?" Very hot.

"If My Nipples Were Any Harder, My Bra Would Rip"

This is a very hot thing to say. Of course, it's not actually true — I've done a lot to my bras and they've stayed intact. But stretching the truth is totally fine if it turns you and your partner on.

"Put It In My Mouth"

To double the fun, do not at any point clarify what it is. This can refer to fingers, hands, tongues, sex toys, penises — anything that turns the two of you on. (However, if they start to put something in your mouth you don't want there, let me them know — dirty talk is great, but communication is even better).

"Rip My Panties Off With Your Teeth"

This is a great visual, but also be careful to check what panties you're wearing — if they're your nicest pair, you might want to try something more subtle, like "rip my panties off with your teeth but actually just pull them down, please don't rip them, they cost $32." That's slightly less sexy but still gets the point across.

"I'm Exhausted!"

This is a fun finisher to let them know they did a great job. After all, sex is a workout.

You might think you've heard everything there is to hear, but there's always more dirty talk for the seasoned pro. Try one of these ten phrases to absolutely delight your partner, and even if they're a dirty talk aficionado, I guarantee they'll be aroused — or at the very least, aroused.