10 Cutest Dad Hats The Beach Babe Needs For Her "Salty Hair, Don't Care" Selfies

The sun's out, and that means it’s time to head to the beach with your besties. For the perfect summer outing, you’ll need to be equipped with all of the summery essentials. When packing up your beach bag, prepare for the sand, surf, sun, and so many selfies. Cute dad hats can totally cover two of those S's. Not only will you look super fly in your baseball cap, but you’ll be snapping a bunch of selfies by the sea. For real — who knew Dad could be so stylish? Don't let it get to his ego, though; it's true that these dad caps are cute AF, and look fab on everyone — not just dads.

When you're basking in the sun on the beach, you need to capture the moment with a pic. You've probably snapped one too many eyes-closed selfies, because the sunshine was a tad too bright to handle. Don't let the sunshine you love ruin your Insta-worthy pics though, because a dad hat is here to bring on the shade.

When getting ready for your next beach trip, consider bringing any of these 10 dad hats along. You'll be living on salt time before you know it.

This Pink Flamingo Is Ready To Hit The Beach
Dad Brand Apparel

Flamingo, $27, Dad Brand Apparel

The best dad hat is super simplistic, but totally gives off the chill beach vibes. Not only should the flamingo be the mascot of millennials, because they rock that iconic millennial pink color like real pros, but they also give off that "tropic like it's hot" feeling your friend crew is going for. It's a win-win.

This Pink Hat Will Totally Guac Up Your Selfies
Dad Brand Apparel

Avocado, $30, Dad Brand Apparel

Not only is this hat too cute for words, but it's also making me hungry. That's not a bad thing, though. This cap will remind you to say, "yes" to the guacamole with extra chips, and that's always the right decision.

You'll Be One Fine-Apple In This Pineapple Hat
Dad Brand Apparel

Pineapple, $30, Dad Brand Apparel

I'm totally pining for a hat like this to take on all of my summer trips. Plus, just like a pineapple wears a crown, you need one as well. Let this dad hat be your beach crown, so you look like true summer royalty.

Ice Cream For This Totally Chill Dad Hat
Dad Brand Apparel

Chill Out, $27, Dad Brand Apparel

I scream, you scream, we're all screaming for this ice cream cap. For any hot summer day, an ice cream cone is the perfect, refreshing treat. You'll look like one chill babe in your selfies while wearing this dad hat and holding a vanilla cone with sprinkles.

Perfect For Palm Trees And The Cool Ocean Breeze
Dad Brand Apparel

Palm Tree, $27, Dad Brand Apparel

Not only am I loving the palm tree details on this hat, but the color is reminding me of the clear skies and sparkling blue water at the beach. If you're looking for a dad hat that will pair well with your white bikini, this is the one. You'll always be coordinated with the beach.

The Only Clouds You Want At The Beach Are On This Hat

Andy's Room Hat, $30, Cakeworthy

This Toy Story-inspired cap is great for all Disney fans out there. It's also subtle enough that you can rock it with a vibrant-colored sundress. You'll know when the sun is shining bright, "you've got a friend" in this cap to keep you cool.

Best Friends Toucan Share This Hat

Hurley Toucan Strapback Dad Hat, $30, PacSun

If you and your bestie want to get matching hats for your beach day, this is the perfect pick. The best caption for your BFF selfie in your toucan hats is obviously a witty bird pun like, "We are tweethearts," or "Toucan play at this game."

If You'd Rather Be "Under The Sea," This Hat Was Mermaid For You

The Little Mermaid Hat, $30, Shop Disney

Many of us want to be where the mermaids are living under the sea. If you were mer-made for the ocean and your favorite movie is The Little Mermaid, you really need this Disney cap in your life. It features a little Disney magic with a secret dinglehopper reference under the brim, just for you to see.

Will You Accept This Rose... Hat?
Urban Outfitters

UO Denim Rose Baseball Hat, $22, Urban Outfitters

Roses are red. Violets are blue. This rose dad hat is downright perfect for you. You'll be looking stylish AF in this cap, and it will remind you to stop and smell the roses — or rosé, if you're 21 and up.

"Good Vibes" And High Tides Are Here
Dad Hat Supply Co

Good Vibes Hat, $15, Dad Hat Supply Co.

You'll have good vibes only when chilling on the beach with your besties in this cap. The summer is all about having fun in the sun, so you've got a carefree kind of attitude. Now, everyone will know it with a pastel cap that says plain and simply, "Good vibes."