10 Brides Reveal How They Felt The Night Before Their Weddings, & It's Truly So Sweet

by Brittney Morgan

When you're in the midst of planning a wedding, there's so much to think about — the venue, the flowers, the food, the dress, etc. — but one thing no one really talks about? The fact that you might feel nervous or stressed the night before your wedding.

Everyone spends the night before their wedding differently. Some people follow the superstition that you shouldn't spend the night before your wedding with your partner (you know, along with them not seeing you until it's time to walk down the aisle), while others would rather spend the night with their soon-to-be spouse. Some choose to spend the night with their bridal party and closest friends, others choose to be with their families on their last night before the wedding. Some people spend the night feeling stressed or anxious about the wedding going perfectly, and others are calm and ready to relax before the big day.

Whether you're nervous, excited, both, or somewhere in between — and no matter how you spend the night before your wedding (or with whom you spend it) — your pre-wedding feelings are totally normal. And these real stories from brides, courtesy of reddit, are proof.

Here's how 10 different brides spent the night before their wedding, and how they felt about it.

Some spent the night with their partners.
After melting down and dreading the next day, my now husband calmed me, told me it'll almost be over and to not forget that we had already secretly gotten married so who cares. Then we played with our dogs and passed out. It was nice


We eloped, and spent the night before together, in bed and talking and giggling about how excited we were about our "secret" and how happy we were to be getting married.


Some had a night in with their families.
I stayed at my parents house. I'm an only child and I guess I just wanted to be by myself the night before. My mom and dad were their, but I slept in my old room and it was very nostalgic. I got up early the next morning and got ready with my 6 bridesmaids though! My husband stayed with his cousin/best man in their hotel room.


I actually went over to my parents' house that night and had a quiet night in. It was Thanksgiving and my partner's parents had come from overseas for the wedding so they were all staying at our house (we lived together). I left them to their improvised Thanksgiving dinner and went to my own folks (not American, so no big dinner) after a visit to the hair dressers. My outfit was at my parents' place and the make-up person my mom had paid for came there too, the next day, so we all got ready there and then went to partner & I's house to pick up everyone else to go to the wedding location.
I quite liked having a night with my folks as a symbolic 'last night' before marrying, I think.


Some spent the night alone, preparing for the big day.
We each had our own room the night before the wedding at the hotel our reception was at and we each stayed alone. After seeing so many family members and friends that were in town for the wedding, it was nice to retreat back to my quiet room. I woke up in the morning, took a relaxing bath, and soaked in the calmness of the morning and really think about the excitement for the day before my bridesmaids, mom, & MIL got to my room for hair and makeup.


I spent the night before alone (sort of — separate adjoining room shared with my parents) and really appreciated having that time to myself. I was a stress ball, didn't sleep much, focused on writing cards to my family, bridesmaids and FH and am really glad I had that moment of peace before the craziness of the next day. Considering the explosion of attention & activity the previous day & the next day, I think you'll find some alone time to breathe beforehand doesn't feel lonely at all :)


Some had sleepovers with their bridesmaids.
I had a sleepover with my bridesmaids. We woke up at 5 am, got in bed together, and talked about the upcoming day.


Rehearsal dinner, got really annoyed with all the "adults", sat around a bonfire with our bridal party and felt vented until I felt better. Ate too many s'mores.


And some were a little bit nervous, as is expected.
I was so nervous and focused on looking good and having energy for the next day that i went to bed super early.


We had rehearsal dinner, came back to hotel to hang out a bit, and then I went alone to my hotel room and future husband got to crash in my brother's room. It took a while to get to sleep, and then I was up anxious in the morning because I was afraid I'd sleep through everything on the wedding day!


No matter how you spend the night before your wedding — and yes, even if you feel a little anxious about the big day! — remember that your feelings are completely valid. As long as you're happy to be with the person you're marrying, all that stress will fade away once you get to celebrate — and spend some quality time — together.

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