Leander Nardin

7 Brides Share Their Biggest Wedding Day Mistakes So You Won't Make Them


Let's get one thing straight: Your wedding will not be the most perfect day of your life. It might not even be the best day of your life, which is absurd because it's probably the most expensive day of your life.

Almost all weddings come with a pinky promise of occasional family drama, non-responsive vendors and too many commitments to do so many things before the clock strikes midnight and the whole shindig comes to an end and the venue rushes you out the front door.

If you're aiming to have the time of your life (which you very well deserve to have), it's important to strip your expectations and your wedding day to-do list to a bare minimum.

Wondering what you should make sure you do on your wedding day? Listen to the advice of these seven ex-brides:

1. Stuff your face.

— Sarah W., 28

2. Run away from it all.

— Terri K., 27

3. Face plant.

— Clarissa T., 28

4. Burn some calories.

— Jamie H., 26

5. Shave your legs.

— Marissa H., 25

6. Press pause.

— Rachel P., 28

7. Occupy the dance floor.

— Frannie A., 29

No matter how you envision your big day to go, it won't go off without a hitch. So stay calm, get your priorities straight and make sure you take time for yourself on the morning of so you can sleep, eat and shave your legs.