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10 Women Share Beautiful Texts They've Sent Their IRL Partners

by Ginny Hogan

Are you looking to send your partner something adorable? I'm prone to firing off cute texts like "hey," and "hi," but there's probably more to be said. Sometimes, though, it can be tricky to send an extremely affectionate, beautiful text — putting feelings in words can be challenging for some, and that's totally normal. However, if you're looking for examples of beautiful texts to send your partner, look no further. I collected a list of IRL messages, to give you some ideas.

There are all kinds of ways to send someone a beautiful text. You can reference an inside joke between the two of you, quote a song or movie you love, or put your feelings into words in a very simple way. There are so many right methods, and there's no required length or form for a love-text in a relationship. In fact, some of the cutest texts I've ever received have been memes (my partner knew exactly what I was in the mood for). However you and your partner like to express your passion is completely OK, but if you are looking for inspiration, sometimes other people's texts can help.

Read on to find 10 beautiful texts that others have sent or received partners, just to give you an idea of where to go!

Simple Appreciation

— Sam, 34

Appreciation is all I want.

A Show Of Pride
An Inside Joke

— Tommy, 24

This is a cute pun and an even cuter text.

The First Time's The Charm

— Mary, 24

Billy Joel was right about the first time.

An Absence of Worry

— Jemma, 31

All I want is to not have anxiety about someone leaving me.

A Joyful Anniversary

— Dan, 57

Sometimes, it happens early.

Sweet And Clean

— Stefanie, 24

Moderate can be more than enough!

A Sad Dream

— Brittany, 28

Dreams tell us a lot. Sometimes, even a sad text can be beautiful if it shows how much you love someone.

So Simple, So Sweet

— Kayla, 34

And you don't need to!

Lucky Lucky Lucky

— Megan, 29

The very best birthday gift.

These texts are varied, but they're all charming and sweet. Hopefully, if you have that special someone you're trying to text, these provide a bit of inspiration. No matter what, whether you have a sweetheart you want to text right now or not, you'll find someone worthy of your most romantic text!