Woman Impersonates Police Officer To Find Ex Found On Serial Killer's Property

Anderson Police/ Facebook

Charlie Carver and his girlfriend, Kala Brown, reportedly went missing on August 31.

Since then, a baffling series of events, including eerie Facebook posts on Carver's page, have led authorities to their suspected kidnapper.

Last week, Brown was discovered by Greenville Police "chained like a dog" to a storage container in Woodruff, South Carolina on the property of 45-year-old Todd Kohlhepp. He holds an extensive criminal history.


On Friday, authorities discovered Carver's dead body on Kohlhepp's 100-acre property, near where Brown was chained up.

The man's body had multiple gunshot wounds, according to ABC News.


The most recent development in the case says Charlie Carver's estranged wife, Nicole Carver, allegedly impersonated a detective in order to find her husband, PEOPLE reports.

Captain Mike Aikens, Anderson police spokesperson, reported the 35-year-old woman called AT&T on November 8 in an attempt to locate her husband.

When Nicole made the phone call, she claimed she was a detective. She was secretly trying to geo-locate her husband's cell phone.

When asked to provide her badge number, Carver failed to do so. She also reportedly couldn't spell the name of the detective she was trying to impersonate.

Aikens told PEOPLE,

She [allegedly] didn't know how to spell the detective [she was impersonating's] name... She got it wrong twice.

AT&T then became alarmed and put Carver on hold while they contacted the police, who confirmed she was not a real police officer.

Aikens said authorities were able to claim a recorded copy of the phone conversation through a successful search warrant, which led them directly to Nicole Carver.

FOX News reported there's no proven relationship between Kohlhepp, Charlie's alleged killer, and Nicole.

Anderson Police

However, Nicole was arrested on Tuesday and appeared in court on Wednesday.

She will return to court on December 16 and currently faces a $2,500 bond set by the judge.

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