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Eerie Posts Appear On Missing Man's FB: 'Life Would Be Boring Without Me'


Charlie Carver and his girlfriend have been missing for over a month, and yet he's still uploading Facebook posts.

Well, "he" actually appears to be an imposter, but the posts are still frightening Carver's family.

Younger sister Katie told the Daily Beast,

Since their disappearance, Charlie's page has frequently shared status updates, like one stating he and his girlfriend are "married."

Some are random -- a news link, an irrelevant meme, etc. -- and others a bit more frightening. But all of them are downright eerie.

One post was a photo with words that read,


And here's another example. On September 4, Katie Carver shared an emotional and heartfelt note. It featured a picture of the 32-year-old Carver and his 30-year-old girlfriend. In the post, Katie asks for prayers for her missing brother.

On September 16, "Charlie" shared the same photo and note on his wall.

The couple disappeared on August 31.

According to NBC, David's car is gone and the couple's cellphones have been off. They also left their dog and medication at home.

Police seem stumped.

Police may not know where to go yet, but other Facebook friends have a few ideas.

Commenters on David's page have noted a woman suspected to be his ex-wife responded to some of his posts.


Regardless of who is using the page, one thing's for sure, the family just wants them home.

Kala Brown's mother, Bobbie Newsom, told NBC,

Here's to hoping they do return.

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