You Will Never Be Able To Unsee Donald Trump Kissing Mike Pence


Mike Pence is looking more and more like Trump's lapdog.

First, he is interrupted at every moment in this "60 Minutes" interview, an interview where he looks about as comfortable as a new girlfriend being introduced to her new boyfriend's parents while high.

(If you haven't seen it, you're missing out. It's like watching a haunted house burn down.)

Pence — who was presumably chosen as Trump's running mate because 1) he is an evangelical, and 2) he looks sort of tough when he doesn't speak — is the governor of Indiana.

And if you don't remember, he had his moment in the limelight last year when he signed into law that religious freedom bill that protected businesses that didn't want to participate in same-sex weddings.

One of his main things is abortion, which he has spent his political career attacking. Because of him, Indiana is now one of only two states that bans abortions when the fetus in question is suffering from a disability.

So I guess he's less of a lapdog and more of a hyena covered in blood, stalking through the night, following the scent of a week-old antelope carcass. Yeah, he's more like that metaphor.

Anyway, Pence gave a speech at the RNC last night, and when it was over, Trump asserted his dominance over Pence by literally kissing him on the forehead like a baby.

You can see the extremely awkward moment below.

Trump pulls back at the last moment before making full contact, which somehow makes it so much worse. I'm beginning to think that the only time Trump has actually kissed someone is when he kisses himself in the mirror each morning.

It's even worse in slow motion.

Here is a still of the momentous, very presidential display of affection.


And here is what they were likely saying and thinking.