Why don’t I have Spotify Wrapped 2021? There’s a reason you can’t see it.

Here’s Why You Didn’t Get A Spotify Wrapped Story Like Everyone Else On The Internet

The reason is simple — and there’s a fix for next year!

Courtesy of Spotify

Wednesday, Dec. 1 marked the most anticipated event of the season for Spotify users everywhere: Spotify Wrapped. With new features like the Audio Aura and old favorites like the Wrapped Playlist, it’s no surprise why Spotify Wrapped has basically become a national holiday on Twitter. But some Spotify users were disappointed to discover they couldn’t access Wrapped stats like everyone else. If you don’t have Spotify Wrapped for 2021, here’s what you need to know.

The holiday season doesn’t feel like it’s officially begun until Spotify Wrapped makes its return. The comprehensive breakdown of all your most streamed songs, artists, and podcasts is what makes Spotify Wrapped a perfect send off to the year, but this year’s Wrapped came with as many questions as it did excitement. Some users were confused by the new genre called bubblegrunge, while others noticed many of their go-to songs were missing from their playlists. If you weren’t able to access a Wrapped 2021 story, you’ve likely been having a very frustrating Spotify Wrapped season.

If you’re one of the unlucky few who went to check their Spotify Wrapped and came up short, here’s the deal: Spotify users must stream at least 30 songs for over 30 seconds, as well as stream five or more unique artists during the Wrapped period (Jan. 1, 2021 to mid-November 2021) to be eligible for Wrapped, according to an email from Spotify to Elite Daily.

Courtesy of Spotify

So, if you’re new to the streaming platform — or relied on and OG radio to get you through the days — you simply won’t have enough data for a Wrapped list. To make sure you get a 2022 Wrapped story, up your listening time on the app and mix in at least five artists.

If you know you streamed enough to get your personalized results but don’t know where to find your Wrapped 2021 story, there’s an easy fix. Go to the Wrapped website on your phone (not your laptop — you can only access your Wrapped data on the app), tap “Listen to 2021 highlights here,” and it’ll take you to the app. From there, tap “See how you listened in 2021,” and let the fun begin.

For those left without a Wrapped story until next year, you can check out end-of-year playlists like the Top Tracks of 2021 USA, which features stand-outs from Olivia Rodrigo and Lil Nas X. Listen carefully, though, because Spotify will start tracking soon for 2022.