These Spotify Wrapped 2021 Bubblegrunge tweets are all asking the same question about the genre.

Bubblegrunge Keeps Popping Up In People’s Spotify Wrapped 2021 Results, And What?

These people want a word with Spotify.

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When Spotify’s Wrapped results hit the app on Dec. 1, a lot of users noticed a top music genre they didn’t recognize — bubblegrunge.

Since then, these Spotify Wrapped 2021 tweets all ask the same question: What exactly is bubblegrunge?

Courtesy of Spotify

Urban Dictionary defines bubblegrunge as a genre used by rock critics in the mid-’90s to describe “bubble gum” pop-forward alternative and grunge rock. Artists include Third Eye Blind, Collective Soul, and Bush.

(Elite Daily reached out to Spotify for a bubblgegrunge definition, but didn’t hear back at the time of publication.)

Still, people have questions.

Courtesy Of Spotify