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Vroom's Super Bowl 2022 commercial is a full-on musical with choreography from 'La La Land's Mandy M...

This Musical Super Bowl Ad Has Major La La Land Vibes

It’s just missing Ryan Gosling.

Courtesy of Vroom

Super Bowl 56 is still a few weeks away with the big game playing out on Sunday, Feb. 13, but the hype is already building around the main event (aka all the commercials). Flamin’ Hot got things started with this wild teaser featuring Megan Thee Stallion, and then things took a turn for the creepy when Lay’s dropped this witch-inspired teaser starring Seth Rogen. On Jan. 20, Vroom joined in on the pre-game fun and released its final ad weeks ahead of the big game — and let me tell you, Vroom’s Super Bowl 2022 commercial is a full-on musical, y’all.

After Vroom’s thrilling 2021 Super Bowl ad that felt like something straight out of a horror movie (remember those jumper cables?), the company definitely had a lot to live up to this year, but I think it’s fair to say they understood the assignment. The e-commerce car retailer’s 30-second spot is called “Flake,” and it features a catchy musical number about a car owner who is finally going to sell her car, but sadly gets flaked out on by the potential buyer. The production took three months to shoot, required 56 hours of rehearsal, and the end result showcases dozens of dancers standing on cars, running through the streets, and there’s even a little bit of gymnastics going on, too.

If the musical celebration takes you back to the first time you saw the 2016 film La La Land, that’s probably because the commercial was choreographed by the movie’s choreographer Mandy Moore (no, not that Mandy Moore).


In a behind-the-scenes video, Moore explained that jazz and “commercial dance” inspired the ad. Moore says in the video, “Musicals are all about storytelling, right? And what’s really interesting in this spot is, we have to tell the story in 24 seconds.” Interesting, indeed.

Unlike the 2-plus hour film, the show-stopping musical commercial is just a half-minute long. The dancing fun comes to an abrupt halt when they buyer backs out of the deal over text, but the lead (played by Ariana Rosado) discovers she can sell her car online with Vroom, and her car is gone in no time. Why couldn’t the movie have a happy ending like this one?

Of course, you won’t get your own musical number if you try to sell your call with Vroom, but the company claims to get you appraisals in under 2 minutes with the “Sell Us Your Car” feature. If all you care about is the mini musical on your screen, though, make sure to keep your eyes (and ears) out for the electrifying commercial when it airs during the 2022 Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 13.