People Made A Human Chain To Save Someone During Harvey And The Video Is Amazing

Twitter / @CNN

Hurricane Harvey is still raging in certain parts of Texas after making its second landfall, leaving a path of destruction and extremely treacherous flood waters in its wake. As families scramble to safety and race to help others, they're battling dangerous weather conditions that, FEMA says, could take years to recover from. That's why a now-viral video of a human chain during Hurricane Harvey is particularly jarring and inspiring. Taken by Maritza Castillo, the video shows a crowd of people's impromptu decision to form a chain and save elderly Houston man being swept away in his SUV.

Castillo and her husband were on their way to help her flooded-in brother when they got "turned around" in stalled traffic on the submerged roads and stumbled upon the daring rescue, CNN reports.

The interstate was completely under water when Castillo began recording a frantic group's reaction to seeing the man's SUV get taken over by the water. She told CNN that "her heart was beating so fast," and after someone suggested it, they quickly began to form a human chain to prevent the SUV from floating away while others worked to open the driver's door.

"We need more hands!" one person shouts in the tense 2-minute video. "Go, go, go!" another exclaims, as everyone with their arms linked walks slowly toward the front of the truck.

Spoiler alert: They were successful.

The man was pulled out of the vehicle and brought to safety by his good samaritan rescuers. It's not shown in the video, but Castillo told CNN that he was taken to an area hospital and reunited with his son.

Despite this happy ending, Hurricane Harvey is still causing destruction in the region. The storm has already claimed at least 30 lives, according to The New York Times, and people are understandably angry under the circumstances. It doesn't help that President Trump met a total of zero victims during his Tuesday, Aug. 29, visit to the region, during which he awkwardly commented on the crowd size.