Starbucks Merch

This New Starbucks Merch Features Super Colorful Zebra & Leopard Prints

Your coffee runs are basically a safari now.

Starbucks wants to help you take a walk on the wild side when it comes to your coffee runs this summer. The Seattle-based coffee company is offering so many fun designs for its seasonal merch, and some of it might even make you feel like you just walked into the jungle. To see what you might want to snap up on your next coffee run, check out Starbucks’ summer cups for 2021, because they’re in stores now and feature some of the most fun animal prints you’ve ever seen.

Following the release of Starbucks’ Pride merch, the company launched even more summery vibes on June 22 in the form of reusable cups and tumblers. Starbucks’ latest merch is filled with jungle-inspired designs and pop art designs. Some Starbucks fan accounts have spotted the merch on the shelves as of June 24, and according to Starbucks, the merch will be available while supplies last and availability in individual stores will vary.

To keep all your summer sips cold, check out the Jungle Stainless Steel Cold Cup ($24.95), Jungle Cold Cup ($18.95), 24-ounce Blue Ombre Bling Cold Cup ($19.95), Zebra Cold Cup ($18.95), Leopard Glass Cold Cup ($16.95), and the Tritan Jungle Water Bottle ($14.95).

The Jungle Cold Cups all sport splashy paint designs. The silver stainless steel cup features green and pink stripes as well as red animal print and a green lid and straw, while the regular Jungle Cold Cup has a navy background and red lid and straw. Starbucks’ jungle-themed water bottle features navy, light and dark green, red animal print, and a navy lid.

You can see all three beauties in this IG post from @its_planned:

For full-on animal print, the clear glass Leopard Glass Cold Cup is sleek and modern but remains playful thanks to its pink leopard spots, lid, and straw. The Zebra Cold Cup is a modern take on the animal print, thanks to a pink background with blue stripes and a navy lid and straw.

Courtesy of Starbucks

To keep is simple, try the Studded Blue Ombre Bling Cold Cup, a blinged-out iteration of the fan-favorite cup.

Courtesy of Starbucks

When you want to keep your drink warm in the summer opt for the Leopard Tumbler ($22.95), Zebra Mug ($12.95), or the Cool Mix Shimmer Mug ($14.95). The Leopard Tumbler is a subtle summer vibe, thanks to its matte red-on-red print. Both of the mugs are calming shades of blue, with the zebra option bringing a little more fun to your coffee with a yellow handle.

To sneak a peek at many of the designs, you can check out this post from @bostoncharms:

According to Starbucks fan accounts, there are also red and blue wave cold cups, which are artfully blended to look like the ripples of the sea. There’s also the Monstera Leaf Blue Steel Cold Cup, a dark blue steel offering that features a frosted, matte look over a slick, plant print. It’s topped off with a pastel pink straw. Starbucks is selling a set of Chevron Reusable Cold Cups in blue, red, yellow, pink, and maroon.

When you head to a Starbucks stand-alone location or a Target or grocery location, keep your eyes peeled for the newest merch, because it’s time to get wild with your summer coffee runs.