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Sephora same-day delivery on DoorDash can get to your house in under an hour.

Sephora Same-Day DoorDash Delivery Can Be At Your Door In An Hour

I love on-demand serum.

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Ran out of your favorite mascara the night before an early morning flight or need a last-minute gift? You can now get Sephora products delivered to you for free in under an hour with DoorDash. The new partnership is a game-changer for your beauty routine, wherever you are. Not only is the new service super convenient, but you can also earn Beauty Insider points when you place an order on the delivery app. Here’s everything you need to know about how to get Sephora same-day delivery with DoorDash.

Just in time for holiday shopping, all of your favorite products at Sephora can now wind up on your doorstep the same day you order them with a few taps on the DoorDash app. On Nov. 9, the partnership launched with over 500 participating Sephora stores across the United States and Canada. That means shopping for makeup, skincare, haircare, beauty tools, and fragrances is as easy as ordering takeout. All you need is your credit card — and you’ll also want Beauty Insider card ready to collect all the points as you shop.

It might seem like it’s too good to be true, but you can now expand your delivery orders to include a new serum after sucking out the last drop of your go-to vial or a replacement for the dry shampoo that sprayed its last refreshing puff. In some cases, you can even put your Sephora order on the same check as your Friday night takeout, because self-care should always involve face masks and dumplings. Before you start living the dream, check out everything you need to know about this one true pairing.

Sephora same-day delivery on DoorDash can get to your house in under an hour.

Where To Find Sephora Delivery On DoorDash

Sephora’s same-day delivery is available on the DoorDash app. Simply search for “Sephora” in the app to find the nearest location. According to DoorDash, there are 500 participating stores, but according to DoorDash, most users should be able to use the service in their area.

How To Get Sephora Products Delivered

DoorDash makes the browsing experience easy with categories like Black-Owned Beauty, Travel Must-Haves, Value Sets & Gifts, and more. You can also search for specific products by typing in the product name in the search bar. The best part is that prices are the same as in stores, so you won’t pay a premium there. After you hit “add to cart” and place your order, you can expect your delivery in within 1 hour. Oh, and it’ll come in the iconic black-and-white striped Sephora bag.

How Much Are Delivery Fees?

To pique your interest, DoorDash is offering free delivery on all Sephora orders for a limited time. There are some fees, though, including the DoorDash service fees, which are reflected under “Fees & Estimated Tax.” DoorDash charges a 5% service fee, with a minimum of $3, on all orders to cover “a variety of costs, including technology development, marketing, and payment processing,” per its website. If you have a DashPass membership, that may reduce the service fee.

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Can You Order Food & Sephora With 1 Delivery?

While it’s not available at launch, you can look forward to combing two orders in one with DoubleDash, according to DoorDash. The feature should be coming soon, and when it arrives, you’ll be able to add a Sephora order to select restaurant deliveries. It’s like a trip to the mall food court and Sephora all in one, but you don’t have to leave your couch.

Will You Get Free Samples?

Part of the thrill of shopping at Sephora means free samples to discover new products or test out a shade. While you won’t be able to request specific samples, you might receive a few in your delivery. According to DoorDash, it depends on what happens at checkout, so here’s hoping your Sephora cashier will gift your Dasher a sample or two.

How To Link Your Sephora Beauty Insider Card

Whether you have Beauty Insider, VIB, or Rouge status, being a Sephora loyalty member means collecting points on every purchase. You’ll be glad to hear that you can earn Sephora points while you shop on DoorDash. If you’re not a Beauty Insider, you can sign up for free and earn points as you shop. These points can be redeemed for free products, and a free gift on your birthday.

How To Link Your Beauty Insider Account & Earn Points

It only takes one step to link your Beauty Insider account to start earning points on purchases. Find the small “Beauty Insider” icon on the top right of your DoorDash screen when shopping Sephora and tap it to open a pop-up prompting you to enter your Beauty Insider email. Enter the same email associated with your Beauty Insider account and hit “Link Your Beauty Insider Account.” From there, you’ll earn points on you purchase as you would in store — again, all from your couch.

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Can You Shop Beauty Insider Sales?

As a loyal Sephora shopper, I’m always looking forward to the Beauty Insider sales for loyalty members. Sadly, Beauty Insider sales won’t be reflected on DoorDash. You’ll have to shop in-stores or online to get in on the deals.

Can You Redeem Beauty Insider Points On DoorDash?

So you’ve racked up the points, and it’s time to redeem them for products. Unfortunately, you can’t redeem your points while making a Sephora purchase on DoorDash, but you can redeem the points you may earn from your order in a Sephora store.

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How Do Sephora Returns Work On DoorDash?

Remember to save the Sephora receipt you received upon delivery. When you need to make a return, you’ll have to head in-store with your item and the printed Sephora receipt, not your DoorDash receipt, to process the return.

If you linked your Beauty Insider account before purchasing on DoorDash, you can simply provide your email address associated with your account when returning the item in-store. Returns within 30 days of purchase will be refunded to a credit or debit card of your choice, while products returned within 31 to 60 days will be transferred into Sephora store credit that’s only valid in-store. The full return policy can be found on Sephora’s virtual storefront on DoorDash.

How To Get A Sephora Discount

Through Nov. 20, Sephora and DoorDash are giving $10 off your first Sephora delivery order of $60 or more with the code “BEAUTY” at checkout. That’s basically a full-sized product for free, if you needed something to sway you.