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The 2022 Holiday Beauty Trend To Embrace, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

You'll look astro-lutely amazing.

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Can you believe there are only two months left in 2022? With a whole new year fast approaching, now is the time to embrace the beauty trends, makeup looks, and hairstyles you might have been too intimidated to try in previous months. Whether it’s a bold red lip for a holiday dinner party or glittery eyes for an NYE bash, the latest holiday beauty trends are all about amplifying your look. Now is the time to leap outside of your comfort zone and go bold. Granted, that’s easier said than done which is why Elite Daily tapped experts to offer up some celestial — and stylish — advice. For all your wintry festivities, why not pick out a 2022 holiday beauty trend based on your zodiac sign?

Elite Daily tapped celebrity hair artist Lacy Redway, Todd Edwards, master stylist at Purple Door Salon, and celebrity makeup artists Aaron Barry and Deanna Paley to get the deets on 2022’s best and brightest holiday hair and makeup trends. Let them, along with astrologist Valerie Mesa, guide you to the astrological beauty trend pairing of your holiday dreams.

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The Holiday Beauty Trend For Aries: Embellished Braids

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“This fire sign is audacious and inspiring,'' says Mesa. “Just like their red-hot planetary ruler, Mars, Aries’ bold expression and innate assertiveness is part of their trademark.” There’s no better way to spice up the fiery energy of an Aries than to style your hair with a bold braid, a ‘do that mimics the horns of the ram, your sign’s zodiac animal.

“Braids are great holiday hairstyles because you can get creative with the hair accessories you dress them up with,” adds Redway who suggests adding accent hair clips to the back of your braid for an exciting look. You can opt for pearls, rhinestones, or even ribbons, depending on the aesthetic you’re hoping to channel.

The Holiday Beauty Trend For Taurus: Kitten Liner

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Taurus is the minimalist of the Zodiac and gravitates toward subtle and classic glam. A kitten eye, which Barry calls “a modern take on the classic cat eye” is a perfect look for the elegance-inclined Taurus.

Barry recommends using a soft kohl eyeliner to achieve this holiday look, adding “the Pixi Waterproof Pixi by Petra Endless Silky Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner in Black Noir or Black Cocoa are my personal favorites.” Pro tip: To get a crisp line, sharpen your pencil before applying your liner or tidy your lines up with a Q-tip after you apply.

The Holiday Beauty Trend For Gemini: A Bold Lip

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“The bold lip is a must for Gemini because people can’t help but look at your lips while you’re storytelling,” says Edwards. Gemini, known for being curious, chatty, and a social butterfly, won’t want to skip out on a vibrant lip color this holiday season.

Edwards is a fan of The Lip Bar Vegan Matte Liquid Lipstick because of its cruelty-free shades. To make a major statement, try lining your lips with a slightly deeper shade of red and dabbing a pinker shade in the center of your lips. The final effect will be a stunning ombré look.

The Holiday Beauty Trend For Cancer: Accent Glitter

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A shimmery dab of glitter around the eyes “beautifully compliments Cancer’s subtle come-hither energy,” says Mesa. A touch of glitter at the inner eye or under the brow bone, as opposed to a full glitter lid, is versatile and can be worn for day or night events.

“Accent glitter is perfect for those who don’t want a dramatic look but still want to make the eyes pop and look playful,” says Paley of this subtle and effective makeup style.

The Holiday Beauty Trend For Leo: Studio Curls

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“If there’s a zodiac sign who can rock this look effortlessly, it’s showstopping Leo,” says Mesa. “Often admired for their lustrous lion mane, this fire sign’s charisma goes hand in hand with their luscious locks.”

Redway recommends setting these bouncy ‘70s curls with product before hitting your holiday parties. “Spray TRESemmé One Step Volume Mist from roots to ends before blowing dry to provide enhanced volume and heat protection while creating a foundation for your hairstyle,” she advises.

The Holiday Beauty Trend For Virgo: Liner & Lip Stain

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“Virgo is more likely to go for soft glam,” says Mesa. While lip stains might seem better suited for natural makeup, they can work just as well for an eye-catching holiday beauty look.

One way to elevate this beauty trend is to top your stain with a lip gloss. Another method, according to Paley, is to use a darker lip liner to outline your lips. This soft, but impactful approach will leave you with a diffused look that still packs a punch.

The Holiday Beauty Trend For Libra: A Glossy Lip

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Libras are capable of making even the boldest styles look effortless. “Their charm and lightheartedness dazzle the world,” says Mesa. They’re also known for being the most romantic sign, making a touch of pink on the lips the perfect way to stand out during the holidays.

“Lip gloss and lip oils will add the right amount of hydration to keep your lips moisturized,” says Paley. “Wear it alone or with your favorite lipstick to instantly elevate your holiday makeup look.”

The Holiday Beauty Trend For Scorpio: Flushed Cheeks

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According to Barry, minimal blush that mimics a natural flush is a must this season which is perfect for Scorpios. “Those with Scorpio placements in sun, moon, rising, and venus are typically blessed with striking bone structure,” says Mesa. “They also have the eyes and brows to compliment this bold look.”

Barry suggests trying a blush with a cream formula that is easy to buff into your foundation, such as Milani Cheek Kiss Cream Blush. “You want to emulate a post-hot yoga flush vibe, but remember minimal payoff,” he explains. This makes it the perfect sultry make-up look to match the mysterious aura of a Scorpio.

The Holiday Beauty Trend For Sagittarius: A Statement Ponytail

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A Sagittarius is nothing short of spontaneous and risk-taking, so they’ll need a holiday look that will bring on the adventure. “Their go-to beauty trends will typically require them to step out of their comfort zone,” says Mesa. Because Sagittariuses are creative folks, they can easily turn the simplest of styles, including your typical ponytail, into something that shows off their skills.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, Redway suggests you “split your hair into two sections, then twist both sides back before connecting them in the middle with a hair tie. You could even create two braids on the outermost corners of your hair and wrap those two pieces down your hair shaft.” To top it off, play with fun hair accessories and use Tresemme Two Hairspray to set everything in place.

The Holiday Beauty Trend For Capricorn: A Twisted Bun

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The twisted bun is sleek, sophisticated, and put-together, just like Capricorn. “This effortlessly chic trend is perfect for Capricorn — the boss of the zodiac. It’s equally appropriate for cocktails at happy hour and a business meeting in the C-Suite,” says Mesa.

Barry is also a fan of this easy updo and has a fool-proof method for pulling it off:

  • Using a hair tie, pull your hair into a low ponytail. Lightly tease the ponytail and start twisting.
  • As you twist, the coil will naturally tighten and spiral upwards, forming a twisted bun. Secure it with bobby pins and hair spray.
  • Finally, transform this twisted bun into a holiday look by adding some festive hair pins like those in the Scunci Collection Glitz/Glam Bobby Hair Pin Set.

2022 Holiday Beauty Trend For Aquarius: Metallic Eyeshadow

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“This fixed air sign rocks shiny metallics like no other, and it’s probably because they’re ruled by electric Uranus, the planet of brilliance and chaos,” says Mesa. Paley notes that the latest take on the metallic eyeshadow trend is all about keeping things cool, saying “it’s going to be all about the silver and cool tones, [and] keeping the attention on the eyes.”

For a bold eyeshadow that will add just the right amount of luminosity try NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Glow Shots Brightening Liquid Eyeshadow.

2022 Holiday Beauty Trend For Pisces: Smokey & Smudged Eyeliner

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Pisces are known for their dreamy eyes — think of Pisceans Rihanna and Olivia Rodrigo — that are often full of wonder. “They say eyes are the windows to the soul. This water sign’s mysterious gaze is more than enough to prove it,” says Mesa.

A daring smokey eye is the perfect way to enhance the hypnotic stare of a Pisces. “You can spend as much or as little time on this kind of look depending on what you’re aiming for,” says Paley. “Plus, it looks effortless and rock and roll which I love.”

Now that you’ve been matched with the 2022 holiday beauty trend you should try, there’s nothing left to do except bust out your makeup bag and get going. Didn’t see a trend that spoke to you? Try checking out the trends of your rising, sun, and moon signs as well.