Scary Video Of Woman's Galaxy 7 Smoking In Her Hand Proves Recall Is No Joke

Above is a video featuring a woman in Hawaii who was sent a replacement Galaxy Note 7 after the company recalled the phones.

They recalled them because they, um, started exploding.

Apparently, they still hadn't fixed this issue, but sent her a new phone anyway. So, of course, it exploded.

The video shows her holding up her phone as it starts sparking and smoking dangerously. Now, you'd think a person would put down a phone known for catching fire and exploding if it started doing JUST THAT.

But if you thought that, you'd be wrong.

In the video, you see a cloud of smoke hover above her head.

She then falls, possibly fainting from the fumes. But luckily, she lands on a bed.

She slides off it and onto the floor, and the man she's with puts a pillow behind her head. Thankfully, she doesn't seem to be hurt.

There have been over 90 reported cases in the US alone of these phones catching fire. Ninety is a lot of times for a product that people carry in their pockets, just inches away from their genitalia.

The replacement phones that Samsung has put out – which were said to be safe –  have encountered many of the same problems as the originals.

In fact, engineers have no idea why these phones keep bursting into flames. They initially believed the problem had to do with the battery. So, they replaced the battery in this new batch of "safer" phones. But the problems have persisted, and Samsung is stumped.

Oh Yu-cheon, a senior official at the Korean agency that oversees product recalls, explained that "it will take more time than we expected to find the cause of the problems."

Samsung has now killed the Note 7 line because of all the malfunctioning phones. This move will cost them around $17 billion.

Sources inform us that $17 billion "is, like, so much fucking money, holy shit."

Yeah, I know.